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Discover Why Rx30 is Trusted by Independent Pharmacies

Hear what actual users are saying about the Rx30 pharmacy software

HubSpot Video

Jennifer Szilagy, PharmD

Gateway Pharmacy in Phoenixville, PA

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Natasha Patel, PharmD & Phil Thomas, RPH

CS Family Pharmacy in Carol Stream, IL

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Michael Coscia, Owner

Pilgrim Pharmacy in Bronx, NY

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The Rx30 Pharmacy System is an end-to-end pharmacy management solution designed to help pharmacies of all sizes streamline processes related to prescription dispensing, workflow management, point-of-sale (POS) transactions, claims adjudication and tracking, and more.

The Rx30 Pharmacy System’s centralized dashboard enables prescription tracking, workflow queues, claims, data verification, and automated prescription refills.

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