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Certified Training

Get certified training by the best in the business.

Rx30 offers several training options for you and your pharmacy’s staff:

On-site Trainer

A certified Rx30 Trainer can come to your pharmacy for on-site training, most commonly the day previous to your going ‘Live’, and/or the following day when your store actually goes ‘Live’. You may also choose to have a trainer come to your store at any time – as a ‘brush-up’ training.


Virtual Training

Learn from our professional trainers via phone and online desktop. The trainer logs into the system as if they were actually there to go over step by step procedures. Get the personal attention you need to be successful.

Simulated Experience

Rx30 allows each pharmacy the opportunity to practice on a simulated Rx30 System that includes your existing Pharmacy prescription information. This allows you to see what the actual conversion will look like, and to see exactly how Rx30 works!

Phone Support

Unlimited phone support, both prior to, and after you go ‘Live’ on Rx30. NOTE: Each support technician has been trained and tested to support specific modules within Rx30. In short, your technician will know his stuff!