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Computer-Rx and Rx30 Partner with Script Management Partners (SMP) for Immunization Reporting

Through an Exclusive Partnership with SMP, Computer-Rx and Rx30 Offer Community Pharmacies Automated Immunization Reporting to IIS Registries.


MOORE, OK – October 2, 2017 – Computer-Rx and Rx30 have partnered with Script Management Partners (SMP) to provide automated immunization reporting services to state and local Immunization Information Systems (IIS) registries. This partnership is designed to help community pharmacies, offering clinical services, achieve compliance with state regulations and support all health care providers and patients in maintaining complete, perpetual patient immunization records.


SMP’s electronic automated reporting solutions gather pharmacy immunization data through the Computer-Rx and Rx30 pharmacy software platforms and reports the information directly to its appropriate IIS registry, without any extra effort or hardware requirement from the pharmacy.


“SMP offers what no other vendor has been able to provide our pharmacies—a reliable reporting solution,” said Computer-Rx President Lauren Warkentine. “They saw a niche in the market that needed to be filled and have really worked hard to be what our pharmacies need.”


“In a time when clinical offerings are becoming a larger piece of the pharmacy market, it’s important that we can offer our pharmacies solutions like SMP’s to help streamline their processes,” said Steve Wubker, Chief Executive Officer, Rx30/TDS.

SMP’s reporting service is a leading HIPAA-compliant, electronic reporting solution. The immunization data is formatted to meet each IIS registry’s data specification requirements and is transmitted to the correct IIS registry. Pharmacy immunization information is transferred through an automated, secure data feed directly to SMP where it will be reported to the appropriate registry. SMP works with all IIS registries that allow for electronic data reporting.


“This partnership allows SMP to provide a much-needed solution to a very large number of community and chain pharmacies. As pharmacies continue to build their immunization program or just beginning one, they will need the tools to help them drive their business,” said Sam Pizzo, SVP and Co-Founder of SMP. “Until now, there has not been a cost-effective solution for pharmacies to take advantage of this type of service. Many pharmacies either spend valuable time hand-entering the patient immunization information or not reporting at all. This service helps free up resources and focus on other important pharmacy tasks.”

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