Rx30 Partners with DrFirst to deliver Secure Texting and Care Collaboration Capabilities to 4,500 Independent Pharmacies Nationwide

Transaction Data Systems, Inc., doing business as Rx30, and DrFirst today announced that the companies are partnering to make secure communications and care collaboration software available to the independent pharmacy marketplace. Rx30, the leader in independent pharmacy management software, and DrFirst, a leader in e-medication management software and secure communications, will integrate DrFirst’s Backline platform within the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System. 

Through the agreement, secure communications and care collaboration functionality will be available to Rx30 system users at approximately 4,500 independent pharmacies nationwide.


“The time consumed by phone calls and faxes between pharmacists and doctors has been a huge pain point for both sides for decades”


Local pharmacies play an increasingly important role in overall patient care. The frequency of traditional pharmacy-patient engagements combined with the growth of outpatient services being provided by pharmacies, such as medication therapy management (MTM), now requires pharmacists to communicate more frequently and more securely with their patients and their patients’ doctors.


DrFirst will integrate private and group secure texting capabilities, automated event notifications, clinical content distribution, and other care team collaboration functionality within the Rx30 system. This will allow pharmacists to seamlessly contact and complete communications with doctors and patients directly within the Rx30 workflow.

“The time consumed by phone calls and faxes between pharmacists and doctors has been a huge pain point for both sides for decades,” said Steve Wubker, president and CEO of Transaction Data Systems.


“Our pharmacists are thrilled at the prospect of eliminating this hurdle and completing prescription clarifications, change requests and other tasks in minutes instead of hours. The ability to communicate securely across multiple organizations – hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmacies, and with the patients themselves – and to be able to deliver that message even if a recipient hasn’t installed the app is truly groundbreaking. Further, this secure communication capability will support patient guidance, medication adherence monitoring and other communications related to STAR measures for our pharmacies that offer MTM services.”


Secure messaging systems are growing in use, particularly among hospitals, due to the increasing use of mobile technologies at the point of patient encounter. The integration of Backline within the Rx30 system will mark the first national deployment of secure messaging capabilities to the independent pharmacy marketplace.


“With roots in e-medication management, we know how critical it is to empower pharmacists with in-workflow solutions that make communications to and from doctors and patients far more efficient,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “As pharmacy participation in outpatient services grows, so does the need to effectively coordinate care with other providers. Working with partners like Rx30 is a big step toward enabling truly community-wide secure communication and collaboration for any authorized provider, and any patient, across the healthcare continuum.”


(Source Article - http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151009005116/en/Rx30-Partners-DrFirst-deliver-Secure-Texting-Care#.Vhf6zflVhBc)

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