Alpha Genomix and Rx30 Partner to Provide Personalized Medication Therapy

Ocoee, FL, September 30, 2016 – Rx30 is announcing a first to market, actionable pharmacogenetic platform through Alpha Genomix Laboratories that will allow the pharmacist and physician to work collaboratively towards a true personalized medicine approach within their communities.  We have established an exclusive agreement with Alpha Genomix Laboratories, a leader in the field of precision medicine, to integrate an actionable, real-time approach to pharmacogenetics specifically for the independent pharmacist. 

Pharmacogenetics can be the key differentiator in a pharmacies medication management, MTM, and overall patient care programs.  Our, “myRightMeds” program will help pharmacists select only those patients truly needing the testing, and then integrate patient selection, reporting and future guidance into their Rx30 system.


“We are thrilled to empower Rx30 pharmacists in providing their patient population with a personalized medication treatment plan. By integrating industry leading genetic testing protocols with the most widely utilized pharmacy management software, we now have the capabilities to eliminate a significant amount of adverse events, trial and error, and waste within our country’s healthcare system.


This is also an exciting opportunity for pharmacists to pinpoint effective patient care, differentiate in their quality of care, and be a shining example of leadership in implementing advanced programs for improved patient outcomes in this new era of Pay for Performance contracting.  We’re committed to help integrate Alpha Genomix exclusively for Rx30 pharmacies and their patients," stated Steve Wubker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rx30.


“Alpha Genomix is proud to partner with RX30, the Nation’s leading pharmacy management software company, to deliver actionable pharmacogenetic testing to clinicians.  For years, experts have predicted that PGT would become standard of care in helping to reduce adverse side effects, trial and error, and waste within our healthcare system.  Now we have all the pieces in place to offer a seamless collaboration that unifies the laboratory, the physicians, and pharmacist under a single technological platform to help ensure that patients are prescribed the right medication at the right dose," stated Dr. Hani El Shawa, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Genomix Laboratories.

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