Multi Location Independent Pharmacy

Rx30 provides the most robust pharmacy solution set to centrally manage all your locations in one convenient integrated solution. Confidently grow your retail chain business with Rx30.

Multi-Site Independent Pharmacy Management Solutions

Your pharmacy management solution should handle everything your business needs for success. Rx30 provides complete solutions to manage multiple locations, including:

  • Central fill capabilities
  • Central reconciliation & reporting
  • Central site inventory management & transfers

Pharmacy management solutions from Rx30 are easy to learn and intuitive to use. Whether you need to grow your business quickly or want to take your time, Rx30 can help you achieve your pharmacy's goals.

Pharmacy Management

TDS provides a total turnkey solution for your independent pharmacy with:

  • Prescription filling
  • Workflow management
  • Inventory & immunization tracking
  • DIR estimator & reconciliation
  • Accounts receivable

Central Site

 Independent and connected, built-in full management capabilities include:

  • Centralized & individual store data
  • Central fill & transfers
  • Pricing & inventory
  • Central reconciliation
  • Management tools & reporting

Point of Sale

Complete your pharmacy workflow journey with integrated point of sale.

  • IIAS compliant for processing FSA/HSA Cards
  • PCI compliant, EMV, card on file 
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Integrated reports

Pharmacy Tools for Retail Chains & Groups

Centrally look at your business as a whole with critical information from all locations. Manage the business end of your multi-site pharmacy, while your staff efficiently focuses on quality patient care.

Most Robust Solution for Multi-Site Pharmacy Groups

Sharing data across stores is crucial in a multi-store business. With central site management from Rx30, you can:

  • Run performance reporting across your stores
  • Look at specific inventory levels across the chain
  • Share data across the chain in real-time
  • Immediately replicate data across all locations
  • Perform automatic store transfers
  • Provide central fill functionality
  • Centrally reconcile accounts receivable across your chain

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