RX30 Pharmacy Management Software

Maximize efficiency, automate prescription processing with the leading community pharmacy solution.

Expedite Prescription Processing

The pharmacist’s role in the healthcare continuum is expanding every year, and your pharmacy management system must keep up. With more than 40 years of experience serving independent pharmacies, Rx30 features the tools and functionality you need to serve patients and grow your business. 

Prescription Processing

Prescription processing is at the heart of Rx30, and it takes just seconds to complete a refill request.

  • Customizable for your pharmacy workflow
  • Minimize steps while maximizing results
  • Intuitive and fast prescription filling process
  • Provide the best service for your patients

Automated Prescription Processing

The Virtual Pharmacist from Rx30 begins processing prescriptions and refill requests before you even open for the day.

  • Automates refills, adjudication, & print labels
  • Saves time and increases output
  • Consistently, automatically scans the refill queue

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