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Drive More Revenue and Boost Performance
with the Rx30 Pharmacy System


Modern Pharmacy System with Regular Updates

Today's pharmacy is constantly changing. If your current pharmacy software isn't keeping up, it's holding you back. Rx30 helps you stay ahead of the game with regular updates and new features. 

  • Rock-solid performance that is fast and efficient
  • Integrations with more third-party vendors than any other pharmacy system
  • Innovative and exclusive solutions that help your business succeed 

Take Your Clinical Services to the Next Level

Clinical programs continue to dominate the pharmacy landscape, forcing independents to offer more clinical services to fight off profit-squashing DIR fees. With our large market share and forward-thinking development, we’ve gathered an expansive line of clinical tools and services to take your clinical offerings to the next level.

  • Clinical call center that drives patient adherence
  • Revenue opportunities for your pharmacy 
  • Integrated clinical portal presenting available opportunities

Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Cash

We know your bottom line is a top priority, so we don’t tack on fees or unnecessary charges. You won’t find another platform with as robust functionality as Rx30 for a more affordable price.

  • Minimal monthly fees for support
  • Free add-on services and tools such as patient apps
  • Freedom to choose what you need and not pay for what you don't



Why Settle for Less?

If your current software provider isn't giving you the technology and innovative clinical solutions needed for today's pharmacy, then it might be time for a change. 


Your Business Deserves More.

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