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SunCrest – DisplayRx
SunCrest – DisplayRx

SunCrest – DisplayRx

Founded in 2006, Suncrest Software hit the pharmacy software market with HangRx, a software tracking solution for pharmacy will-call. Due to our ability to interface with stand-alone systems, customize the software to fit pharmacy needs, and create long standing solutions to specific customer/product management, Suncrest has developed a reputation for being the ‘go to’ company for pharmacy organizational and management demands.

Our recent software developments include content management, customer management, custom apps for mobile devices, and website development. In 2012 Suncrest Software launched DisplayRx digital display software for waiting area management. DisplayRx is changing the way pharmacist communicates to their waiting areas across the United States and recently opened new markets in Puerto Rico. DisplayRx has proved to be a vital asset for streamlining communication and optimizing workflow.

Suncrest Software is tomorrow’s software solutions for today’s market.


Crowded noisy waiting areas?
Long lines at service counters and pick up windows?
Constant interruptions to your workflow to answer simple questions?

You need technology that WORKS FOR YOU!

Now YOU can communicate with multiple customers while keeping on task and your customers informed, calm, and happy.

We designed DisplayRx with YOU in mind. Easy to purchase, easy to implement, easy to use. Let DisplayRx manage your waiting areas so you can better manage your time.