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Your Fully Automated Prescription Pricing Service Provider Founded in 1998, Rx-Net, Inc. has set out to revolutionize how pharmacies manage their pricing. Our pricing services automatically interfaces with supported systems adjusting your U&C pricing based on 3rd party reimbursements, acquisition cost, drug popularity, and competitive pricing in your area.

  • Maximize 3rd party reimbursements
  • Effective regardless of cash to 3rd party ratio
  • Fully automated
  • Covers more than 60,000 NDC’s for both brand and generic drugs
  • Enhanced services focus on your own pharmacy’s data
  • Competitive pricing based on your geographic area
  • No switch fees; Price check right from your screen
  • No staff training necessary
  • Pharmacist on staff
  • All package sizes
  • No-risk trial 

How It Works Rx-Net interfaces directly with Rx30 automatically. We take into account your custom settings, market data, your 3rd party experiences, and acquisition costs* and create a pricing file. The pricing file is then sent to your pharmacy system to be applied.

  • You always have the option to customize your pricing strategy for brands, generics, or individual drugs.
  • The service requires no monthly maintenance from you, and we won’t tie up your system for hours per month making adjustments.

Installation is quick and non-invasive, but varies by system. Call for details.