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Pharmacy Inventory Solutions

Wondering where to begin or maybe just how to improve? Rx30’s very own perpetual inventory installation and management service is here for you, and it’s called Inventory IQ.

Do you feel like your pharmacy’s inventory could be managed more effectively?

Are you experiencing?
1) Expired Goods
2) Cash Flow Challenges
3) Reduced Profits

Inventory IQ originated from Hinkle Pharmacy, located in Bessemer, Alabama. The Hinkles are an Rx30 user just like you! By combining Rx30’s superior pharmacy software system and Inventory IQ’s proven inventory control concepts, a pharmacy’s performance with regard to profitability and efficiency will increase far beyond average.

Installing or managing a perpetual inventory system can be frustrating and time consuming. However, neglecting to use a perpetual inventory system dissolves the only transparency between yourself and your biggest expense. We all know a lack of transparency in this industry can be devastating to your pharmacy, example -> PBMs. It’s no way to run a business. Fortunately for us, we don’t need an act of Congress to take control! There is a right way and a wrong way to install and/or manage a perpetual inventory system. Mistakes in either process can, will, and possibly already ARE costing you thousands of dollars in profits PER year. On average, Inventory IQ generates a little over $60,000 in cash flow per pharmacy! Find out how Inventory IQ can help your pharmacy today!

Services range from:
1) Hands on, full service, Perpetual installations – sit back and fill scripts, we’ll take care of the rest
2) Technology Solutions – for advanced perpetual users wanting to take control to the next level
3) Consulting – for do it yourself pharmacies who only need guidance to get started
4) Annual Inventory Counts – for pharmacies who only need an estimated inventory $ count