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Call-A-Doctor Plus (CADR+)

Save Time & Money with Call a Doctor Plus!

Call a Doctor plus is a health and wellness program, in partnership with Rx30, designed specifically to save you time and money by utilizing technology to provide you with effective, immediate access to Healthcare goods and services, all from your phone or computer.

There are no co-pays, deductibles or per-call charges, so you get all the care you need for one low monthly subscription.

Welcome to a better way to get the care you need!

Talk to a Doctor in Minutes
24/7 access by phone, video or mobile app
Talk with a Doctor in 14 minutes on average
Receive diagnosis, treatment plans & prescriptions (if needed)
All doctors are U.S. Board Certified and State Licensed
On average, our doctors have 15 years of in-office experience
On-demand access to quality, affordable care

PDA USA – ‘Free Rx’ Patient Assistance Program

PDA USA has been helping people gain access to free drug programs through the Rx30 Pharmacy System for nearly 3 years. Founded in Longmeadow Massachusetts by John Stocks, the firm originally worked directly with patients, but has focused it’s efforts towards the health-care facility and the in-facility staff who assist patients, usually called “patient advocates.” PDA USA is dedicated to the opening access to free or reduced-cost medication programs and specifically to the support of professional patient advocates working within health care facilities.


PharmaSmart is a world leader in the design, production, and distribution of innovative blood pressure screening systems to assist in the detection and management of hypertension. Our products and services are used by pharmacies, worksites, and medical clinics across North America, administering over 65 million BP tests each year.

Using advanced “Smart Card” technology, our new line of kiosks revolutionizes the way blood pressure data is managed — improving hypertension awareness, prescription compliance, and physician reporting.

PharmaSmart’s Blood Pressure Tracker™ web portal allows you to access all of your Smart Card readings on-line. It also makes it easy for you to share your personal Blood Pressure Tracker™ page with your loved ones or healthcare provider. Like the PharmaSmart kiosk and the Smart Card, the Blood Pressure Tracker™ portal is easy to use, and 100% confidential.

PharmaSmart is committed to advancing on-site pharmacy care. We help our retail partners to deliver an enrollment based hypertension management program that sets a new clinical care standard. The PharmaSmart program offers the patient a value-added choice, the pharmacist an opportunity to counsel, and the doctor an innovative tool in the management of a patient’s disease state.

RxTran – Pharmacy Translation Solutions

With RxTran, pharmacies can now communicate drug label safety information more quickly and effectively to patients with limited command of the English language.

RxTran Offers:

Written Translation of Prescription Information. We provide pharmacies with an online library of pre-translated prescription drug label information, including:

Patient Instructions (SIG) (Directions for use of prescription medication)

Auxiliary Warning Labels (AWL) for prescription containers as part of the label generation process

Consumer Medication Information (CMI), Medication Guides and Package Inserts printed instantly at the pharmacy for patient convenience.

All information is translated into approximately twenty foreign languages with more languages coming soon (starred languages (*) are in development):

Translations are immediately available for pharmacies to print and distribute to patients with limited English proficiency (LEP).

  • Albanian *
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Bosnian *
  • Cambodian (Khmer) *
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditonal
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Gujarati *
  • Haitian Creole
  • Hebrew *
  • Hindi
  • Hmong *
  • Italian
  • Japanese *
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Urdu *
  • Vietnamese


Your Fully Automated Prescription Pricing Service Provider Founded in 1998, Rx-Net, Inc. has set out to revolutionize how pharmacies manage their pricing. Our pricing services automatically interfaces with supported systems adjusting your U&C pricing based on 3rd party reimbursements, acquisition cost, drug popularity, and competitive pricing in your area.

  • Maximize 3rd party reimbursements
  • Effective regardless of cash to 3rd party ratio
  • Fully automated
  • Covers more than 60,000 NDC’s for both brand and generic drugs
  • Enhanced services focus on your own pharmacy’s data
  • Competitive pricing based on your geographic area
  • No switch fees; Price check right from your screen
  • No staff training necessary
  • Pharmacist on staff
  • All package sizes
  • No-risk trial 

How It Works Rx-Net interfaces directly with Rx30 automatically. We take into account your custom settings, market data, your 3rd party experiences, and acquisition costs* and create a pricing file. The pricing file is then sent to your pharmacy system to be applied.

  • You always have the option to customize your pricing strategy for brands, generics, or individual drugs.
  • The service requires no monthly maintenance from you, and we won’t tie up your system for hours per month making adjustments.

Installation is quick and non-invasive, but varies by system. Call for details.

Pk Software by PCCA

The CompounderRx

With an eye for detail and safety the developers at PK Software have worked with the industry leaders in compounding to provide you a best in class software package: The Compounder Rx.

PK Software Inc. is lead by Paul Klomp RPh., a pharmacist of more than 20 years who had a vision of technology assisting the compounding pharmacy of the future.  From a humble beginning, the development and support staff strive every day to make The Compounder Rx the first choice among pharmacists.

The Compounder Rx has all of the functionality of The Compounder Lab and adds more to it.

Available features include but are not limited to:

  • Tracking patients
  • Rx filling and clinical checks (Even on compounds down to the chemical level)
  • Customized Rx labels (syringe labels, large labels, any size you want)
  • Tracking Doctors and marketing plans
  • Online billing
  • Patient follow-up system
  • Doctor follow-up system
  • Accounting, QuickBooks integration
  • Logging compounds
  • Lot number tracking
  • Integrate with various scales & bar code readers.
  • High quality Rx & syringe labels via the Epson Secure Color printers.
  • UPS and FedEx shipping integration
  • Patient counseling
  • Compound QA system
  • Hundreds of pre-programmed reports
  • Automated controlled substance reporting
  • Document management
  • Many, many other features, just too many to mention

CoverMyMeds & Rx30

Integrated Prior Authorization (PA) Functionality For Your Rx30 Pharmacy Management System! CoverMyMeds’ EasyButton solution for pharmacy systems integrates prior authorization functionality, enabling pharmacists to initiate and track PA’s directly thru Rx30! Reduces Rx Abandonment CoverMyMeds speeds the PA process resulting in decreased patient abandonment and more filled prescriptions. Eliminates Administrative Waste With EasyButton, pharmacists click one button in their pharmacy system to initiate PAs, eliminating phone calls and faxes to prescriber and plans. Faster Determinations Electronic prior authorizations through CoverMyMeds result in faster determinations that allow scripts to be filled faster.

Pharmacy Inventory Solutions

Do you feel like your pharmacy’s inventory could be managed more effectively?

Are you experiencing?
1) Expired Goods
2) Cash Flow Challenges
3) Reduced Profits

Wondering where to begin or maybe just how to improve? Rx30’s very own perpetual inventory installation and management service is here for you, and it’s called Inventory IQ.

Inventory IQ originated from Hinkle Pharmacy, located in Bessemer, Alabama. The Hinkles are an Rx30 user just like you! By combining Rx30’s superior pharmacy software system and Inventory IQ’s proven inventory control concepts, a pharmacy’s performance with regard to profitability and efficiency will increase far beyond average.

Installing or managing a perpetual inventory system can be frustrating and time consuming. However, neglecting to use a perpetual inventory system dissolves the only transparency between yourself and your biggest expense. We all know a lack of transparency in this industry can be devastating to your pharmacy, example -> PBMs. It’s no way to run a business. Fortunately for us, we don’t need an act of Congress to take control! There is a right way and a wrong way to install and/or manage a perpetual inventory system. Mistakes in either process can, will, and possibly already ARE costing you thousands of dollars in profits PER year. On average, Inventory IQ generates a little over $60,000 in cash flow per pharmacy!

Services range from:
1) Hands on, full service, Perpetual installations – sit back and fill scripts, we’ll take care of the rest
2) Technology Solutions – for advanced perpetual users wanting to take control to the next level
3) Consulting – for do it yourself pharmacies who only need guidance to get started
4) Annual Inventory Counts – for pharmacies who only need an estimated inventory $ count