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ScriptPro develops, provides and supports state-of-the-art, robotics-based management, workflow and telepharmacy systems for pharmacies. ScriptPro is dedicated to helping pharmacies lower operating costs, reduce medication errors and maximize customer satisfaction. ScriptPro technologies help pharmacies operate efficiently and profitably so they can make the maximum contribution to the healthcare system.

With increasing pressure on prescription margins, it is more important than ever to use efficient systems. Financial modeling and real-world experience clearly demonstrate that ScriptPro robotic dispensing systems help pharmacies lower their costs and free up time to serve their patients.

ScriptPro’s Perfect Integration brings the entire pharmacy process onto a single platform, with one company, one call for support. Robots deliver filled and labeled vials using barcode scanning and on-screen drug images to ensure dispensing accuracy. SP Central Workflow and Pharmacy Management Systems coordinate the entire pharmacy workflow, tracking and batching all prescriptions.

Telepharmacy allows a pharmacist at a central facility to supervise remote pharmacy operations in underserved areas. Telepharmacy is also making a huge impact in the safer preparation of medications in sterile rooms, with electronic images retained for every step of the process.

ScriptPro, with headquarters in Mission, Kansas, provides automation to thousands of pharmacies worldwide.