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The partnership between RxSafe and Rx30 began in 2013, when TDS, Inc., the creator of Rx30 management software, led the industry by selecting RxSafe’s Data Rich Interchange (DRI™) as its preferred method for passing information between Rx30 and RxSafe’s systems. DRI is the first-of-its-kind, bi-directional interface for the retail pharmacy market. RxSafe through its DRI is the only pharmacy automation system that provides “accurate to the pill”, real-time inventory information back to the host PMS software that results in accurate inventory management, less on-hand inventory dollars and ensures patient satisfaction.

RxSafe began operations in 2008. Many of the principal employees have been innovating together since the early 90’s at such companies as Pyxis, Omnicell, and DDN where they have extensively contributed to the advancement of automation in the pharmacy industry. RxSafe’s founder and CEO, William Holmes has authored more than 50 U.S. patents.

One of RxSafe’s primary goals is streamlining retail pharmacy workflow and inventory management. Our cutting-edge technology leads the industry by providing space-saving, cost-effective solutions with increased accuracy and security for all your pharmacy automation needs. Engineered by RxSafe in the USA, our solutions include high-density secure med storage systems and scalable pouch packaging for any size pharmacy or volume. RxSafe also offers optional Eyecon counting technology integrated into its system.

You’ll need fewer people to do the same work with a RxSafe system…there’s less chance for error, no wasted inventory, no narcotics loss. Join the other independents, chains, hospitals, clinics, military and institutional pharmacies that have selected RxSafe in the quest for a better pharmacy.