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Based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, RxMedic provides leading-edge dispensing technology to pharmacies. Each RxMedic product is strategically engineered to increase productivity and enhance patient safety while providing pharmacy staff more time for customer service. Offering automation from a tabletop unit up to a fully automated 256 cell dispensing robot, RxMedic has an affordable solution for every pharmacy.

The Automated Dispensing System (ADS) holds up to 256 oral solid medications. The ADS dispenses the appropriate sized vial, prints and applies labels, dispenses pills, captures vial content images and caps vials. The Automated Counting System (ACS) can automate simultaneous counting of multiple medications and pre-count minimum quantities for 24 to 72 drugs in a scalable design. The RM64 is the newest in pharmacy automation from RxMedic that automates your top 64 drugs, filling up to five prescriptions a minute.

RxMedic also offers the Eyecon® visual counting system for tabletop automation.

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