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PharmASSIST – Smart Cabinet

Highly reliable, fast, and easy to use, PharmASSIST SmartCabinet automates the counting of your top moving countable drugs and greatly enhances the quality of your prescription filling process.

SmartCabinet seamlessly integrates with your pharmacy management system and counts all auto-fillable prescriptions. During Rx filling, it verifies the availability of medications and their quantities, and then simultaneously counts multiple prescriptions and stores them in secure internal dispenser buffers until retrieval. SmartCabinet guides you through each step of prescription retrieval by displaying tutorial-like instructions on its touch-screen and through each dispenser’s green flashing light.

For “on the fly” filling, you can use SmartCabinet’s Quick Rx feature to enter and dispense prescriptions using the touch-screen and built-in barcode scanner. This alternative filling method enables you to bypass your pharmacy management system and fill a prescription whenever you need to.

The touch-screen serves as your command center for all automated filling, dispenser replenishment, and inventory-related tasks.

PharmASSIST Smart Cabinet