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Eyecon® is the latest technology in prescription dispensing automation. Machine vision technology provides unparalleled speed by counting dispensed medication in less than 200ms.

While faster prescription filling is a tangible benefit of the Eyecon, the value obtained with 99.99% count accuracy provides a real return on investment. Customers receive the correct quantity of medication so your pharmacy virtually eliminates inventory shrinkage due to over-fills. Improved customer satisfaction is realized by never short filling a prescription. A vision based system will identify foreign substances or broken pills on the counting platter. The visual open design of the Eyecon assures medication is always in view and provides fast and efficient cleaning. Cross contamination of penicillin and sulfa based drugs are prevented with designated color coded counting platters stored under the Eyecon.

Kirby Lester

Kirby Lester provides a full range of pharmacy automation, from affordable pharmacy robots to the world’s most trusted tablet counters to verification-and-counting systems. Kirby Lester pharmacy automation is designed to improve the accuracy, safety, speed and efficiency of medication dispensing in retail, mail order, hospital outpatient and specialty pharmacies. Our patented counting technology is the most accurate in the industry. All Kirby Lester systems provide always-accurate counting without the need for adjustment or calibration when counting different products. Kirby Lester counting systems are simple to use and maintain. They accurately count all shapes and sizes of tablets and capsules. When it comes to counting accuracy, it’s what’s inside a Kirby Lester that counts.

Parata MAX

Next-Generation Pharmacy Automation Parata Max delivers the highest accuracy, speed and productivity for the lowest cost per prescription on the market. Why Leading Pharmacists Trust Max:

  • Full automation:  Labels, fills, caps, sorts and stores prescriptions
  • Handles up to 60% of total prescription volume
  • 100% accurate for drug and strength1
  • Easy to learn and operate, with minimal upkeep required
  • Optional locking cells minimize diversion
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Parata MINI® Dispenser

Fast, Certain Dispensing

Pharmacies tight on space find that MINI is the perfect fit for their automation needs.

Small on Space, Big on Productivity

Don’t let the “Mini” fool you. This mighty machine counts pills as quickly and accurately as our Max. Its name just hints at its smaller footprint.

It’s no wonder pharmacists love MINI.

  • Fills an average prescription in 3 to 5 seconds
  • 100% accuracy for drug and strength1
  • Easy to learn and operate

Parata PASS™

Pharmacy’s Smartest Packaging System Pharmacies of all types are turning to Parata PASS Pack™, the innovative adherence solution that makes so much sense. Smarter, Simpler Medication Management With Parata PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System), you make it easy for patients to take the right medications at the right time, every time. Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins can be packaged together, organized by day and time of dose in clear, plastic packets. It’s the easiest packaging option available. For your retail patients, PASS Pack eliminates Ziploc bags full of vials and pesky pill boxes and helps you:

  • Gain a competitive edge to secure your most valuable base of customers – the 10 percent that take five or more meds a day
  • Increase your revenue by picking up scripts your patients fill at other pharmacies
  • Add convenience and value for your customers
  • Improve adherence and patient outcomes

For your long-term care and skilled nursing customers, PASS replaces blister and bingo cards and allows you to:

  • Dispense in cycles ranging from 30 days to 24 hours
  • Ease short-cycle compliance and reduce med waste
  • Manage med changes with agility and speed
  • Improve adherence and patient outcomes for lower hospital readmissions

PharmASSIST – Smart Cabinet

Highly reliable, fast, and easy to use, PharmASSIST SmartCabinet automates the counting of your top moving countable drugs and greatly enhances the quality of your prescription filling process.

SmartCabinet seamlessly integrates with your pharmacy management system and counts all auto-fillable prescriptions. During Rx filling, it verifies the availability of medications and their quantities, and then simultaneously counts multiple prescriptions and stores them in secure internal dispenser buffers until retrieval. SmartCabinet guides you through each step of prescription retrieval by displaying tutorial-like instructions on its touch-screen and through each dispenser’s green flashing light.

For “on the fly” filling, you can use SmartCabinet’s Quick Rx feature to enter and dispense prescriptions using the touch-screen and built-in bar code scanner. This alternative filling method enables you to bypass your pharmacy management system and fill a prescription whenever you need to.

The touch-screen serves as your command center for all automated filling, dispenser replenishment, and inventory-related tasks.


PharmASSIST ROBOTx is ideal for all types of pharmacies. With its ergonomic design, high-speed dispensing, and continuous operation, PharmASSIST ROBOTx is easy to use, delivers unparalleled throughput, and never takes a break. Add our PharmASSIST Symphony workflow management system and create your own end-to-end robotic dispensing and process control solution.

PharmASSIST – Symphony Workflow

PharmASSIST Symphony Systems deliver comprehensive workflow and operations management, unparalleled quality control, and real-time prescription tracking, with or without PharmASSIST counting technology.

To ensure filling accuracy, Symphony workstations establish quality checkpoints at every stage of your prescription fulfillment process. Each workstation employs bar code scanning, digital imagery of medications and original paper prescriptions, and tutorial-like protocols to walk your staff through every step.

And to achieve continuous improvement, Symphony’s information management and reporting tools provide full visibility into your pharmacy’s daily workflow activity, enabling informed decision-making, best practices, and increased profitability.

Pyxis MedStation® system

Management Enterprise-ready medication
The Pyxis MedStation ES system from CareFusion is an automated medication dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management. Designed to address the changing landscape of healthcare, the system is the first offering built on the Pyxis® ES platform—the next generation of Pyxis solutions. The system helps clinicians dispense medications in a safe, efficient way and provides enterprise-ready integration capabilities previously not seen in other medication management systems.

Simplifying the care-giving process for nursing- Workflow centered around the patient
Patient-centric clinical workflows guide nurses to needed medication and patient information located in one place, helping save valuable time and minimize delays. New safety enhancements make it easier to help avoid potentially harmful medication errors and adverse drug events.

Enabling pharmacists to manage medications efficiently- Enhanced formulary and system management
Integration with the PIS results in one system formulary for the health system, which can be centrally managed and adjusted as needed for each hospital. Integration with the hospital’s Active Directory makes system user management simpler than ever. And with web-based system accessibility from any hospital computer or web browser, pharmacists can efficiently manage the system and access reports and key metrics.


Based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, RxMedic provides leading edge dispensing technology to pharmacies. Each RxMedic product is strategically engineered to increase productivity and enhance patient safety while providing pharmacy staff more time for customer service. Offering automation from a tabletop unit up to a fully automated 256 cell dispensing robot, RxMedic has an affordable solution for every pharmacy.

The Automated Dispensing System (ADS) holds up to 256 oral solid medications. The ADS dispenses the appropriate sized vial, prints and applies labels, dispenses pills, captures vial content images and caps vials. The Automated Counting System (ACS) can automate simultaneous counting of multiple medications and pre-count minimum quantities for 24 to 72 drugs in a scalable design. The RM64 is the newest in pharmacy automation from RxMedic that automates your top 64 drugs, filling up to five prescriptions a minute.

RxMedic also offers the Eyecon® visual counting system for tabletop automation.


The partnership between RxSafe and Rx30 began in 2013, when TDS, Inc., the creator of Rx30 management software, led the industry by selecting RxSafe’s Data Rich Interchange (DRI™) as its preferred method for passing information between Rx30 and RxSafe’s systems. DRI is the first-of-its-kind, bi-directional interface for the retail pharmacy market. RxSafe through its DRI is the only pharmacy automation system that provides “accurate to the pill”, real-time inventory information back to the host PMS software that results in accurate inventory management, less on-hand inventory dollars and ensures patient satisfaction.

RxSafe began operations in 2008. Many of the principal employees have been innovating together since the early 90’s at such companies as Pyxis, Omnicell and DDN where they have extensively contributed to the advancement of automation in the pharmacy industry. RxSafe’s founder and CEO, William Holmes has authored more than 50 U.S. patents.

One of RxSafe’s primary goals is streamlining retail pharmacy workflow and inventory management. Our cutting-edge technology leads the industry by providing space-saving, cost-effective solutions with increased accuracy and security for all your pharmacy automation needs. Engineered by RxSafe in the USA, our solutions include high-density secure med storage systems and scalable pouch packaging for any size pharmacy or volume. RxSafe also offers optional Eyecon counting technology integrated into its system.

You’ll need less people to do the same work with an RxSafe system…there’s less chance for error, no wasted inventory, no narcotics loss. Join the other independents, chains, hospitals, clinics, military and institutional pharmacies that have selected RxSafe in the quest for a better pharmacy.


ScriptPro develops, provides and supports state-of-the-art, robotics-based management, workflow and telepharmacy systems for pharmacies. ScriptPro is dedicated to helping pharmacies lower operating costs, reduce medication errors and maximize customer satisfaction. ScriptPro technologies help pharmacies operate efficiently and profitably so they can make the maximum contribution to the healthcare system.

With increasing pressure on prescription margins, it is more important than ever to use efficient systems. Financial modeling and real-world experience clearly demonstrate that ScriptPro robotic dispensing systems help pharmacies lower their costs and free up time to serve their patients.

ScriptPro’s Perfect Integration brings the entire pharmacy process onto a single platform, with one company, one call for support. Robots deliver filled and labeled vials using barcode scanning and on-screen drug images to ensure dispensing accuracy. SP Central Workflow and Pharmacy Management Systems coordinate the entire pharmacy workflow, tracking and batching all prescriptions.

Telepharmacy allows a pharmacist at a central facility to supervise remote pharmacy operations in underserved areas. Telepharmacy is also making a huge impact in the safer preparation of medications in sterile rooms, with electronic images retained for every step of the process.

ScriptPro, with headquarters in Mission, Kansas, provides automation to thousands of pharmacies worldwide.