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Pharmacy POS That Enables Exceptional Customer Service

Today’s customers expect more. They shop where they find the products they want, when they want them, at competitive prices. Where they receive fast, knowledgeable service. And where they feel their patronage is valued and rewarded. Eagle’s drug store software sets the standard for ease of use and checkout speed, so you can process more customers faster while giving your sales staff up-to-the-second access to product information, inventory levels and locations, and more. And Eagle Customer Loyalty and Gift Card programs help you reward repeat customers and bring in new ones. Here are just a few Epicor Eagle pharmacy retail software features that enable you to become more profitable and competitive:

  • Touchscreen Point of Sale
  • FSA/HBC Acceptance
  • EBT Authorization
  • NPLEx Integration and stand-alone Pseudoephedrine tracking
  • Fee-free customer loyalty programs
  • Gift cards and coupons
  • EDI
  • High-speed credit card and bank card processing
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Wireless and mobile solutions
  • Barcode scanning
  • Price overrides

Pharmacy Retail Inventory Management Software that Delivers Increased Turns and Profits

Not only is retail inventory large and diverse, it’s complicated by seasonal demand, frequent price changes, and customer special orders. Pharmacies with multiple stores need to monitor and balance inventory across locations to avoid shortages and overstocks.

Epicor Eagle pharmacy POS makes it easier to manage thousands of SKUs, including expiration dates and other intricacies. Powerful wireless tools let you perform physical inventories right from the store floor. And your inventory database is automatically updated in real time, so staff and managers always have up-to-the-second information.

Our newest intelligent inventory planning and pricing tools can actually anticipate customer demand and optimal stock levels to help you buy smarter—and price smarter—resulting in increased turns and profits.

Pharmacy Software Wireless and Mobile Solutions Our Mobile POS wireless handheld checkout solution lets you take the cash register right to the customer in the aisles, speeding the process for your customers and your staff. And Epicor Mobile Manager keeps owners and managers connected with real-time access to critical business information, alerts, analytics, reports, and more, right on their smartphone or tablet. Whether you have one store or fifty, Epicor Eagle pharmacy retail software can integrate and streamline every facet of your business, providing you with actionable, real-time business intelligence in the form of reports, dashboards, and automatic alerts that you can use right out of the box, or customize to your individual needs. And, Epicor iNet makes it easy to establish a rich, robust Internet presence where your customers can find you online, and where you can connect online with suppliers and partners to more efficiently manage those relationships. A healthy retail operation is one that runs smoothly. When you buy effectively, efficiently track your diverse inventory, control margins, and provide fast, efficient service to every customer, success is sure to follow.