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Emporos POS

Designed with pharmacies in mind.

MerchantSoft integrates with the leading Pharmacy Management Systems to manage all the pharmacy essentials from the selling of scripts, eliminating pricing mistakes, verifying that the right prescription is going to the right customer, and integrated capturing of e-signatures.

All these features are delivered through an intuitive touchscreen which promotes rapid training and improves the shopping experience by speeding transactions.

With MerchantSoft you get industry-leading features such as:

  • Integrated Payment processing (Tokenization) including Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Qualified Health Products (QHP)
  • Captures electronic signature for Rx, counseling, safety caps, HIPAA, A/R Charges and PSE
  • Off-line POS technology handles service interruptions between the POS and the network
  • Payments are securely handled through PayLINK, a PCI PA-DSS Validated Payment Application
Emporos POS
Emporos POS