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CAM Retail Star POS


We provide retailers with a powerful yet easy to use retail management system. Our solutions are easy to use yet powerful enough to meet the needs of sophisticated multi-location retailers. Our POS solutions are also complete, so you do not need to integrate 3rd party software. We offer hardware and fully integrated POS software – eCommerce website solution designed to meet the demands of multi-channel retail business. We have highly experienced employee consultants placed throughout the U.S.

Retail STAR™ – Industry Leading Point of Sale Software For Over 29 Years

Retail STAR Point of Sale software provides a simple, affordable and powerful solution that automates the movement of inventory in your brick-and-mortar store or Internet store. This includes managing inventory, selling inventory via sales orders or point-of-sale transactions, customer tracking, an integrated web storefront and accounting.

Today, Retail STAR Point of Sale Software is the only retail system that doesn’t just handle your sales and inventory, it automates the rest of your business as well. It is the only retail system that can automate all of your sales channels and provide you with a real-time Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement at the end of the day. As you evaluate software to automate your store, you’ll soon learn that Retail STAR Point of Sale software is “the standard by which all others are measured.”

Product Features:

  • Interface with multiple dispensing systems
  • Dual-dispensing
  • Manage pseudoephedrine
  • Offline Delivery Application
  • Interface with wholesaler
  • HIPAA signature and Rx logs


  • Custom reporting
  • Mobile capabilities
  • SIGIS-eligible list
  • General merchandising
  • Integrated E-Commerce