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We provide retailers with a powerful yet easy to use retail management system. Our solutions are easy to use yet powerful enough to meet the needs of sophisticated multi-location retailers. Our POS solutions are also complete, so you do not need to integrate 3rd party software. We offer hardware and fully integrated POS software – eCommerce website solution designed to meet the demands of multi-channel retail business. We have highly experienced employee consultants placed throughout the U.S.

Retail STAR™ – Industry Leading Point of Sale Software For Over 29 Years

Retail STAR Point of Sale software provides a simple, affordable and powerful solution that automates the movement of inventory in your brick-and-mortar store or Internet store. This includes managing inventory, selling inventory via sales orders or point-of-sale transactions, customer tracking, an integrated web storefront and accounting.

Today, Retail STAR Point of Sale Software is the only retail system that doesn’t just handle your sales and inventory, it automates the rest of your business as well. It is the only retail system that can automate all of your sales channels and provide you with a real-time Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement at the end of the day. As you evaluate software to automate your store, you’ll soon learn that Retail STAR Point of Sale software is “the standard by which all others are measured.”

Product Features:

  • Interface with multiple dispensing systems
  • Dual-dispensing
  • Manage pseudoephedrine
  • Offline Delivery Application
  • Interface with wholesaler
  • HIPAA signature and Rx logs


  • Custom reporting
  • Mobile capabilities
  • SIGIS-eligible list
  • General merchandising
  • Integrated E-Commerce

ComCash POS

Our POS Home Page is optimized for fast checkout so minimal operations are needed to scan products and take payment. We also support more complex situations where you may need to manage customers, take multiple payments over time on held orders, or review your inventory availability across all your outlets.

We fully utilize the touchscreen capability of the system by offering a menu to easily find and select items that are not barcoded. You can toggle between an image or text view of the menu items depending on the product, and for large menus you can use the built-in multi touch capability for scrolling across multiple pages.

You can mount the POS Tablet in interesting ways. Mount it over a scale in a grocery environment, or wall mount in a restaurant. You’ve got to love these new tablets!


What are the most important attributes when searching for a point of sale system? Easy cashier training, accurate scans, fast transaction speed, electronic tender integration and security, customizable menu display options, and most importantly, reliability, are attributes that rise to the top for most retailers. ECRS’ Java®-based CATAPULT® point of sale software facilitates all of these and much, much more.

CATAPULT will delight customers with fast and secure transactions, and staff with unsurpassed intuition and reliability. The multitude of features found in CATAPULT point of sale software were directly influenced by customer feedback and over 25 years of point of sale experience, and were developed by one of the top computer science teams in the industry. It is also important to note that ECRS reinvests its profits in development, so new functionality is constantly being introduced, keeping the merchant at the forefront of emerging technology and market trends.

Emporos POS

Designed with pharmacies in mind.

MerchantSoft integrates with the leading Pharmacy Management Systems to manage all the pharmacy essentials from selling of scripts, eliminating pricing mistakes, verifying that the right prescription is going to the right customer, and integrated capturing of e-signatures.

All these features are delivered through an intuitive touchscreen which promotes rapid training and improves the shopping experience by speeding transactions.

With MerchantSoft you get industry leading features such as:

  • Integrated Payment processing (Tokenization) including Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Qualified Health Products (QHP)
  • Captures electronic signature for Rx, counseling, safety caps, HIPAA, A/R Charges and PSE
  • Off-line POS technology handles service interruptions between the POS and the network
  • Payments are securely handled through PayLINK, a PCI PA-DSS Validated Payment Application


Pharmacy POS That Enables Exceptional Customer Service

Today’s customers expect more. They shop where they find the products they want, when they want them, at competitive prices. Where they receive fast, knowledgeable service. And where they feel their patronage is valued and rewarded. Eagle’s drug store software sets the standard for ease of use and checkout speed, so you can process more customers faster while giving your sales staff up-to-the-second access to product information, inventory levels and locations, and more. And Eagle Customer Loyalty and Gift Card programs help you reward repeat customers and bring in new ones. Here are just a few Epicor Eagle pharmacy retail software features that enable you to become more profitable and competitive:

  • Touchscreen Point of Sale
  • FSA/HBC Acceptance
  • EBT Authorization
  • NPLEx Integration and stand-alone Pseudoephedrine tracking
  • Fee-free customer loyalty programs
  • Gift cards and coupons
  • EDI
  • High-speed credit card and bank card processing
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Wireless and mobile solutions
  • Barcode scanning
  • Price overrides

Pharmacy Retail Inventory Management Software that Delivers Increased Turns and Profits

Not only is retail inventory large and diverse, it’s complicated by seasonal demand, frequent price changes, and customer special orders. Pharmacies with multiple stores need to monitor and balance inventory across locations to avoid shortages and overstocks.

Epicor Eagle pharmacy POS makes it easier to manage thousands of SKUs, including expiration dates and other intricacies. Powerful wireless tools let you perform physical inventories right from the store floor. And your inventory database is automatically updated in real time, so staff and managers always have up-to-the-second information.

Our newest intelligent inventory planning and pricing tools can actually anticipate customer demand and optimal stock levels to help you buy smarter—and price smarter—resulting in increased turns and profits.

Pharmacy Software Wireless and Mobile Solutions Our Mobile POS wireless handheld checkout solution lets you take the cash register right to the customer in the aisles, speeding the process for your customers and your staff. And Epicor Mobile Manager keeps owners and managers connected with real-time access to critical business information, alerts, analytics, reports, and more, right on their smartphone or tablet. Whether you have one store or fifty, Epicor Eagle pharmacy retail software can integrate and streamline every facet of your business, providing you with actionable, real-time business intelligence in the form of reports, dashboards, and automatic alerts that you can use right out of the box, or customize to your individual needs. And, Epicor iNet makes it easy to establish a rich, robust Internet presence where your customers can find you online, and where you can connect online with suppliers and partners to more efficiently manage those relationships. A healthy retail operation is one that runs smoothly. When you buy effectively, efficiently track your diverse inventory, control margins, and provide fast, efficient service to every customer, success is sure to follow.

Freedom Data POS

The Pharmacy POS Specialist Freedom Data When you compare the cost of POS vendor’s systems, realize that over the life of an average POS system, the initial hardware and software costs will pale in comparison to what your ongoing labor costs might be. That’s what the Freedom Data experience tells us. Most of the ongoing labor costs involve daily database maintenance. This is a hidden cost that you need not incur. To ensure that implementation of our system will be a postive experience, we make sure that your ongoing labor costs are kept to a bare minimum. Our Experience Shows Freedom’s experience in understanding problems that a pharmacist can encounter when trying to manage a store front is an area where we excel. Our installers are trained to contact store personnel from the time of purchase right up to the installation to ensure that the installation will go smoothly. By using the Internet and outside vendors, it is possible to have your entire front end scanned and added to your database prior to going live, giving you a 98% to 100% scan rate the first day.

Experience working for you:

  • Real-time integration to leading pharmacy systems
  • IIAS- and PA-DSS compliant
  • Scan prescriptions at the register and print Rx activity report
  • Price by product group or item
  • Hamacher, or wholesaler zone prices
  • Cost by group or item
  • Mark down by group or item
  • Calculate prices using item cost X12 electronic interfaces to most wholesalers
  • Proprietary interfaces for non X12 wholesalers
  • Import and export data to other applications

  • Wireless register lanes
  • Thermal receipt printing
  • Frequent shopper program
  • Accounts recievable with item detail statements
  • Promotions Unlimited interface
  • Regis physical inventory interface
  • Electronic journal of all receipt information
  • Print shelf tags and item stickers
  • Handheld interfaces for most wholesalers
  • Internet credit/debit card processing with gift card program
  • Signature capture for third parties, HIPAA requirements, credit cards and A/R
  • Central-Site (host) system with central A/R for chain applications

RMS – The Industry Leader For Pharmacy POS

Retail Management Solutions is the industry leader in pharmacy point of sale (POS) technology for retail and outpatient pharmacies. Having installed more pharmacy POS systems in the independent and outpatient pharmacies than any other company, RMS has become the industry standard. Whether you operate a single register pharmacy, 15 register superstore, or have multiple locations, we have a fit for you. You can count on us for prompt service in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RMS is proud to be the only pharmacy POS provider in the nation that focuses strictly on the pharmacy market. You can easily streamline your business operations while providing optimal, efficient customer service with RMS’ full suite of Pharmacy POS solutions. Retail Management Solutions’ pharmacy point of sales system applications provide a seamless front-to-back store automation platform that is hardware independent and integrates with more pharmacy management systems than any other pharmacy POS system in the market. Our pharmacy POS systems are the most robust and feature-rich in the market, and have built-in safeguards to ensure maximum uptime. For example, if one machine is down, even if it is the master server, other machines remain up and running. In addition, for your convenience, we offer full software support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RMS’ pharmacy POS solutions can help you maintain your competitive edge, by:

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Controlling margins
  • Increasing sales and inventory turns
  • Reducing inventory shrinkage
  • Increasing customer retention and satisfaction
  • Increasing the average transaction amount

Because we focus strictly on pharmacy POS solutions, we have a wide range of offerings to meet both the small apothecary as well as the large independent retail pharmacy chain.  We also have solutions that meet the needs of hospital outpatient pharmacies.

Ultra-Lite A fully functional, IIAS-compliant pharmacy POS register that enables you to process FSA cards.
Star-Lite This basic pharmacy POS system offers plenty of advantages, including the flexibility to accommodate store growth.
Star-Plus This is the pharmacy POS industry standard, enhancing customer service, inventory, online ordering, and dozens of other functions.
Star-Link Our enterprise solution add-on is ideal for multi-site operations.

Summit POS

Experience Summit POS defined. We have long been the leader in Retail POS (Point of Sale) Technology Solutions for Retailers of all shapes, styles and sizes. However, with a name like Summit, simply being the leader wasn’t enough…

Reliable. Even when the signal isn’t.

Experience Mobile POS Technology at its BEST. Never again be concerned about maintaining a wireless signal. No need to worry whether your handheld POS device is online, off-line or somewhere in-between. With Summit Mobility, your team can continually process transactions with confidence in any environment, under any circumstance. We have some of the best engineers and developers in the industry. When our clients spoke, we listened. With Summit Mobility’s patented technology, a lost signal no longer equals lost sales…despite the environment, no matter the circumstance. Everything’s better when you get to Summit.