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Synergy Medical


SynMed™ is an automated dispensing system for solid oral medications for pharmacies that use blister cards. This dispensing method is the one most frequently used by pharmacies for customers requiring a number of different medications.

The SynMed™ system offers an accurate and effective solution for your drug dispensing and verification tasks.

The professionals at your pharmacy will be glad to be freed from the tedious monotony of manual drug preparation tasks, and pleased to dedicate more time to customer service.

Speed – Don’t waste any more precious time

The SynMed™ system eliminates all the repetitive tasks involved in the manual preparation of blister cards and reduces control and verification time.

SynMed™ ensures automated management of the selection, counting and positioning of the medications in the blisters at a continuous pace, dispensing as many as 55 doses a minute.

The verification process is simplified and accelerated thanks to the many visual markers and the information printed on the blister card.

Accuracy – Grow your business safely

The SynMed™ system produces extremely high-quality blister cards featuring a number of visual markers and other types of information that make verification of the finished product easier. These features include patient identification and identification of the contents of each blister, all in the form of a barcode.

This particular feature also allows the nursing staff to use the optical scanner when it comes time to administer the medications, ensuring that they give the right medication to the right person at the right time.

Efficiency -Avoid errors

With its unique technology, the system boasts precision higher than 99.98%. The SynMed™ system is interfaced with the pharmacy’s management system and controls the entire operation, from receipt of the prescription file to preparation of the blister cards.