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Packaging Solution to Return Cost and Labor Savings to Pharmacy Aesynt’s PACMED™ is an intelligent, high-speed packager that helps improve packaging accuracy and pharmacy workflow, facilitating a transition to scanning bar-coded medications at the patient’s bedside. The multi-tasking PACMED software combines with the Aesynt Connect-Rx® software platform to electronically process orders for AcuDose-Rx® and non-Aesynt cabinets, for the Aesynt suite of central pharmacy automation and for specific patients. ROBOT-Ready™ units enable hospitals and health systems with ROBOT-Rx® to reduce robot offline inventory, as well as produce unit-dose, bar-coded packages for oral solid medications three times faster than with other packagers with one-half the labor. PACMED is available in six different sizes and two general configurations:

  • Box Type units configured with 100, 150 or 240 medication canisters
  • Slide Type units configured with 350, 400 or 500 medication canisters

Key Benefits

  • Cuts cabinet fill time by 70 percent
  • Reduces oral solids packaging labor by 65 percent
  • Standardizes bar-code formats to facilitate bedside scanning
  • Decreases manual picking, checking and filling time
  • Improves storage and packing of inventory