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medDispense® by TouchPoint Medical

TouchPoint Medical automated dispensing cabinet systems streamline inventory and medication management, increase efficiency and help to ensure a better patient and caregiver experience. Our newest medDispense® system, powered by medLogic™, delivers one software platform and countless hardware configurations all working together to give you safer and more efficient automation across your clinical workflow.

medDispense® cabinets work in combination with each other to give you a tailored solution to fit your changing storage and security needs for each item you dispense. With medDispense®, you can combine high security single dose dispensing alongside bulk storage and easily configure user settings and security measures alongside hardware compartment layout, giving you maximum system flexibility.

The medDispense® automated dispensing system provides secure 24/7 medication availability with safeguards in place to help reduce the risk of medication errors and diversion. Remotely view and control inventory with our PharmacyCenter™ software module and help ensure a closed loop restocking process with our medGuard™ controlled drug inventory management software.

medDispense® powered by medLogic™ allows you to work smarter, not harder. With our NurSync™ remote medication queuing and PharmacyCenter™ reporting and system administration, you can drive increased efficiency into your daily workflow. Additionally, because the system provides full connectivity and integration with the HIS, medication use and costs are captured immediately upon dispensing, streamlining operations and improving reimbursement.