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The DOSIS L60 Meets Your Needs

Did you know that an L60 can produce fully ready seven-day/count cards at 45 cards per hour? Yes, the same machine for 30/31 Day single medication blister cards is your answer to Short-Cycle Filling

Staying with the standard blister card that you are utilizing today, means you can meet your needs without turning everyone’s world upside down. The blister cards that are produced by the L60 are ready for the traditional secondary check by a pharmacist in your pharmacy; no rubber banding or boxing and labeling again! The L60 is truly the method for extending your staff to reach your short-cycle demands.

Don’t let the competition fool you. Dispensing seven pills with a 30/31 day blister card is not wasteful. Maintaining the same format makes everyone’s lives easier and leaves less room for error. Blister card cost has proven over the last few decades to be the most cost-effective solution to deliver medications in the LTC marketplace. After all, can you glance at a roll or a box of unit dose pouches and verify that the correct medication is in each pouch and the count is correct? Blister card manufacturers have optimized their business to be the most cost-effective on 30/31 day blister card production. Even going to a 7 or 14-day card will not reduce the cost of purchasing 30/31 day blister cards by half! So the best thing to do is to continue utilizing your existing material and increase your volume for purchasing additional 30/31 day blister card materials.

The DOSIS L60’s simplicity makes it easy for ALL of your staff to be productive with an L60 in your pharmacy.