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Offered exclusively through Cardinal Health, Dispill® Multi-dose Packaging is a safer, easier way for you to help patients adhere to their medication schedules. It’s a patented system that lets you provide prescribed medication to patients in an all-inclusive blister pack. Not only will it help you protect the independence of your patients, it will set your pharmacy apart by providing an added service.

Key Features

  • Customizable labels with patient name, medication and an option to add your store logo
  • Two different cell counts allow you to create a personalized day card for your customer
  • Packaging for morning, noon, evening and bedtime
  • Perforated blister packs allow for specific intake times or taking medications on the go
  • Free downloadable software package that interfaces with most pharmacy systems
  • Individual, detachable blister cells for convenient medication on the go.
  • Sample kit or starter kit available: 28- and 32-slot mounting tray and sliding tray available to order