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Amerisource Bergen

Automed Fastpak EXP


Unprecedented packaging flexibility

The FastPak EXP accommodates any pharmacy’s oral solid dispensing needs, with packaging sub units that allow you to easily switch between standard or narrow width: standard width for traditional unit dose and multi-dose packaging; narrow packaging for automated dispensing cabinet replenishment and/or 30-day boxes.
This redundancy also limits device downtime in the unlikely event that one sub unit is inactive. The FastPak EXP enables you to expand your capacity onsite, from 128 to 320+ oral solids with Smart Canisters.

Smart Canisters speed replenishment and accommodate a large formulary

Innovative Smart Canisters (optional) can be interchanged quickly.
The FastPak EXP automatically detects the canister’s contents and updates the medication database, regardless of where the canister is placed inside a designated Smart Drawer. The FastPak EXP is ideal for pharmacies serving multiple facilities or pharmacies that need the safety of canister dispensing for more than 320 medications.

FastFill by Amerisourcebergen

High technology for high performance–maximize prescription volume without remodeling

The FastFill 220 is one of the fastest store-level robotic instruments at 200+ filled and labeled prescriptions per hour. Add Efficiency WorkPath® workflow software for a comprehensive operating efficiency solution.

Accurately automates up to 60% of countable prescription medications
Faster than any comparable pharmacy robotic system at 200+ prescriptions per hour. Speeds prescription fulfillment with 220 factory-calibrated canisters – 99.99% dispensing accuracy.

Enhance safety with direct dispensing
The FastFill 220 is a direct fill system, which means that each medication is dispensed from its own location. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination, since there is no central chute.

Maximize precious pharmacy space
Compact footprint is almost identical to one row of traditional aisle shelving, making it easy to boost productivity without expensive or disruptive remodeling. Simple to install: no special wiring, power or air is required and set-up is done in a matter of hours.



Offered exclusively through Cardinal Health, Dispill® Multi-dose Packaging is a safer, easier way for you to help patients adhere to their medication schedules. It’s a patented system that lets you provide prescribed medication to patients in an all-inclusive blister pack. Not only will it help you protect the independence of your patients, it will set your pharmacy apart by providing an added service.

Key Features

  • Customizable labels with patient name, medication and an option to add your store logo
  • Two different cell counts allow you to create a personalized day card for your customer
  • Packaging for morning, noon, evening and bedtime
  • Perforated blister packs allow for specific intake times or taking medications on the go
  • Free downloadable software package that interfaces with most pharmacy systems
  • Individual, detachable blister cells for convenient medication on the go.
  • Sample kit or starter kit available: 28- and 32-slot mounting tray and sliding tray available to order


The Doc-U-Dose® multi-dose packaging system provides a critical link between the resident and health care providers.

The system tracks and controls the total drug regimen of an individual. This is accomplished by incorporating the use of specially designed ‘color-coded’ medication dosage packets. An individuals’ medications, prescribed and/or over-the-counter, are placed in the packets based upon the time of day, day of week and day of month the medications should be taken. The individual then has a disposable packet clearly marked and ‘color coded’ containing all of his/her medications for a specific dosing time and day.



The DOSIS L60 Meets Your Needs

Did you know that an L60 can produce fully ready seven-day/count cards at 45 cards per hour? Yes, the same machine for 30/31 Day single medication blister cards is your answer to Short-Cycle Filling

Staying with the standard blister card that you are utilizing today, means you can meet your needs without turning everyone’s world upside down. The blister cards that are produced by the L60 are ready for the traditional secondary check by a pharmacist in your pharmacy; no rubber banding or boxing and labeling again! The L60 is truly the method for extending your staff to reach your short-cycle demands.

Don’t let the competition fool you. Dispensing seven pills into a 30/31 day blister card is not wasteful. Maintaining the same format makes everyone’s lives easier and leaves less room for error. Blister card cost has proven over the last few decades to be the most cost effective solution to deliver medications in the LTC marketplace. After all, can you glance at a roll or a box of unit dose pouches and verify that the correct medication is in each pouch and the count is correct? Blister card manufacturers have optimized their business to be the most cost effective on 30/31 day blister card production. Even going to a 7 or 14 day card will not reduce the cost of purchasing 30/31 day blister cards by half! So the best thing to do is to continue utilizing your existing material and increase your volume for purchasing additional 30/31 day blister card materials.

The DOSIS L60’s simplicity makes it easy for ALL of your staff to be productive with an L60 in your pharmacy.

medDispense by Metro

Metro’s automated dispensing systems streamline inventory and medication management, increase efficiency and help to ensure a better patient and caregiver experience. the medDispense® system provides the perfect combination of security, simplicity, affordability and support for acute and specialty care facilities of all sizes.

Simplicity Advantage.
The MedDispense user interface is quickly learned and easy to operate – saving time and allowing you to focus on patient care. The system secures both your medications and supplies and seamlessly integrates with virtually any HL7 compliant hospital information system, automatically capturing dispensing, usage, and billing information. (Meets all HIPAA requirements and fully ODBC compliant, it can be used with Crystal Reports.)

Affordability Advantage.
MedDispense systems provide the safety and availability of an automated dispensing solution without extra features that increase cost and complexity. Because the system provides full connectivity and integration with most operations software, medication use and costs are captured immediately upon dispensing, streamlining operations and improving reimbursement.

Facility Advantage.
MedDispense systems meet the needs of the medical community, providing a solution with the perfect configuration for any facility. Whether it is a large acute care hospital or a more specialized long-term care facility, Metro offers a reasonably priced system that improves security and efficiency, maximizing ROI.

Medicine on Time
Medicine on Time

Medicine on Time

Healthier Patients … And, Healthier Bottom Lines.

Medicine-On-Time is not just a package—it’s a complete pharmacy system—a powerful combination of product and service that will capture the most heavily medicated patients, and turn them into loyal pharmacy customers. Medicine-On-Time’s innovative packaging produces an average medication compliance rate of 95.7%, and has been scientifically proven to provide real protection against Nursing Home Admissions. Medicine-On-Time will produce the best therapeutic outcomes for your patients—and the best financial outcomes for your pharmacy.

MTS Medication Packaging

MTS has wide range of medication packaging and packaging supplies to enhance medication adherence in a variety of non-acute care settings. From single-dose (also called unit dose) packaging and multimed blister cards to labels and foils, we offer solutions to:

  • Create packing efficiencies for your pharmacy
  • Simplify medication administration
  • Improve patient outcomes

MTS offers pharmacies of all sizes a full suite of scalable packaging and fulfillment solutions.

Not sure which medication packaging you need? Call us and we’ll help you find the solutions that are right for your pharmacy?

Single Dose
MTS offers a wide variety of heat seal and cold seal blister cards for single dose packaging that are an ideal packaging solution for institutional pharmacies servicing long-term care, assisted-living, and correctional facilities.

Multimed Adherence Packaging
MTS offers a full line of multiple medication adherence solutions. Our RxMap® adherence solutions are designed to help increase medication adherence for patients on multiple medication regimens.


OptiFill by AmerisourceBergen

The fulfillment solution that grows with your mail order pharmacy.

A Safer, More Efficient Workflow Process through cutting-edge automation and optimized process management, the OptiFill prescription fulfillment solution from AmerisourceBergen enhances your mail order pharmacy’s workflow and overall operational efficiency. The solution manages every aspect of your physical fulfillment process, from host system hand-off to order delivery. But more than that, it employs advanced validation to help ensure that every medication order is shipped accurately and completely. No wonder it’s the solution of choice for more high-volume pharmacies, processing more than 200 million prescriptions each year.

Powered by PPS Software

OptiFill harnesses the power of the PPS Management System, AmerisourceBergen’s industry-leading software solution. This robust, highly-configurable application integrates and manages all aspects of the fulfillment process – including barcode validation, automated oral solid filling, manual filling, checking, packing, inventory control and reporting, as well as order control and reporting. In short, PPS is the key to the growth of your mail order pharmacy operations.


Packaging Solution to Return Cost and Labor Savings to Pharmacy Aesynt’s PACMED™ is an intelligent, high-speed packager that helps improve packaging accuracy and pharmacy workflow, facilitating a transition to scanning bar-coded medications at the patient’s bedside. The multi-tasking PACMED software combines with the Aesynt Connect-Rx® software platform to electronically process orders for AcuDose-Rx® and non-Aesynt cabinets, for the Aesynt suite of central pharmacy automation and for specific patients. ROBOT-Ready™ units enable hospitals and health systems with ROBOT-Rx® to reduce robot offline inventory, as well as produce unit-dose, bar-coded packages for oral solid medications three times faster than with other packagers with one-half the labor. PACMED is available in six different sizes and two general configurations:

  • Box Type units configured with 100, 150 or 240 medication canisters
  • Slide Type units configured with 350, 400 or 500 medication canisters

Key Benefits

  • Cuts cabinet fill time by 70 percent
  • Reduces oral solids packaging labor by 65 percent
  • Standardizes bar-code formats to facilitate bedside scanning
  • Decreases manual picking, checking and filling time
  • Improves storage and packing of inventory


SynMed™ is an automated dispensing system for solid oral medications for pharmacies that use blister cards. This dispensing method is the one most frequently used by pharmacies for customers requiring a number of different medications.

The SynMed™ system offers an accurate and effective solution for your drug dispensing and verification tasks.

The professionals at your pharmacy will be glad to be freed from the tedious monotony of manual drug preparation tasks, and pleased to dedicate more time to customer service.

Speed – Don’t waste any more precious time

The SynMed™ system eliminates all the repetitive tasks involved in the manual preparation of blister cards and reduces control and verification time.

SynMed™ ensures automated management of the selection, counting and positioning of the medications in the blisters at a continuous pace, dispensing as many as 55 doses a minute.

The verification process is simplified and accelerated thanks to the many visual markers and the information printed on the blister card.

Accuracy – Grow your business safely

The SynMed™ system produces extremely high-quality blister cards featuring a number of visual markers and other types of information that make verification of the finished product easier. These features include patient identification and identification of the contents of each blister, all in the form of a barcode.

This particular feature also allows the nursing staff to use the optical scanner when it comes time to administer the medications, ensuring that they give the right medication to the right person at the right time.

Efficiency -Avoid errors

With its unique technology, the system boasts precision higher than 99.98%. The SynMed™ system is interfaced with the pharmacy’s management system and controls the entire operation, from receipt of the prescription file to preparation of the blister cards.


TCGRx Difference – Developing Partnerships to improve pharmacies

Our wheels are always turning, so to speak. With the pharmacy landscape constantly changing, our team is at the forefront of technology, solutions, and strategies to improve pharmacies. We’re continuously looking to improve the way we do business. Yet we build on your foundation, helping you see what’s possible and how to optimize your pharmacy. We stay on the cutting edge, by learning about new, innovative products through thought leadership and services that make a difference.

Putting customers first

The long-term care pharmacy market is part of the customer service industry. “No” is not an option for your customers and one size does not fit all. At TCGRx we have designed the industry’s most flexible and reliable solutions on the market so that you can continue delivering first rate customer service while also growing your business. With products like ATP™ Series, InspectRx™, Beacon®, and others, we can deliver tools or complete systems to allow you to fill more prescriptions with less space, labor, and inventory.

Flexible systems for flexible business models

All of our long-term care solutions have been designed to address the needs of skilled, assisted, developmentally disabled, AIDS, correctional, and camp patients. By making small adjustments in the software and hardware, TCGRx systems can address the various needs of your clientele. Our expert staff has the experience needed to help you pursue any of these markets once you have made the investment in the technology.