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VOW – TalkRx

VOW – TalkRx

Enhanced Features Include:

Rapid Refill IVR: The TalkRx phone system integrates with your pharmacy management system to allow your customers the ability to refill their prescriptions 24 hours a day.

Voicemail System: Not only do individual users get voicemail capability, but there is an integrated Voicemail Archive system for Patient and Doctor Voicemails that can be retrieved easily, even years later if necessary. Doctor voicemails show up directly into the pharmacy management system preventing missed messages and increasing pharmacy response time.

Call Recording: Record conversations on demand for documentation of phoned in prescriptions or any other conversation. These calls are archived and are easily retrieved from any computer in the pharmacy.

Fax Gateway: The TalkRx phone system can receive faxes automatically and convert them into emails, or can be viewed over the pharmacy network on remote terminals. This reduces the cost of printing every fax and wasting paper on SOF’s (spam over fax). By combining the fax line into the phone system, pharmacies can reduce telecommunication cost or increase system capacity. This provides the ultimate unified messaging system, one place for all correspondences. E-mail’s, voicemails and faxes all together!

Multi-Location Connections: Connect multiple TalkRx systems together using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This allows you to transfer callers to remote locations or call between a location just by dialing an extension (without tying up phone lines on either end). Your customers will appreciate not having to dial another number and they will be served quicker, by the correct person.

Flexible Schedules: Calls can be handled differently depending on what time of day it is. The greeting customers hear can change depending on if you are open or closed, or other time conditions. For example, it can be configured to let your customers know two weeks prior to a holiday that you will be closed and it will revert back to your original greeting automatically. Play special greetings for holidays or upcoming events. These schedules can be implemented automatically or on demand as needed. No waiting for script changes or cd’s. Our menus are dynamic and flexible, allowing us to change them at a moments notice.

Advanced Caller Routing: Since we control both the phone and the IVR system, callers can be routed more efficiently and quicker than ever before. We can direct callers based on a number of variables. For example, if you have someone who you want to automatically bypass the IVR or provide priority support for certain callers depending on where they call from, or what number they dialed. No Matter the situation, no one can handle calls better than the TalkRx phone system.