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VoiceTech, Inc.

As a result of the sophisticated integration between voiceTech and over 65 pharmacy systems and other technology partners, retail pharmacies across the board have enjoyed new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. It’s voiceTech’s goal to help pharmacies retain customers and increase revenue. Our fusion technology services do just that by offering innovative and convenient ways for customers to do business with the pharmacy, by automatically handling routine tasks for the pharmacy staff and by proactively communicating with customers in order to drive business into the pharmacy. fusion technology services are available individually or in any combination to meet specific pharmacy needs and budget.

Tele-Fill / IVR allows callers to use their telephone key pad to place prescription refill orders – anytime day or night. The prescription number and refill availability is verified and then the caller hears a friendly confirmation that their order has been submitted.

Attendant-Rx is for those pharmacies that want to provide customers and doctors with the convenience of an automated attendant answering system, giving callers a full menu of options.

WebFill-Rx enables customers to order refills online. If doctor authorization is needed, an authorization fax can be sent automatically.

FusionFax-Rx automatically faxes an authorization form to the doctor’s office when a prescription has no refills remaining, has expired or it’s too soon for a refill. (Works with Tele-Fill, Quick Link, WebFill-Rx, DirectLink-Rx, and Refill Assistant)

Quick-Link gives pharmacy staff an easy way to handle refill requests. Using a touch screen, refill orders from walk-in, drive-thru or telephone customers can be securely submitted directly to the pharmacy system work queue.

DirectLink-Rx automates the refill ordering process from any long-term care facility, allowing facility staff to place multiple prescription refills and reorders 24/7. The facility receives a confirmation faxback within minutes.

Refill Assistant increases customer satisfaction by offering an alternative to waiting in line to place a refill order. With this self-service touch-screen, customers enter their prescription number and then see a verification message that their order has been submitted to the pharmacy. Refill Assistant can be placed anywhere in the pharmacy or any remote location that is connected to the pharmacy’s network.