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Updox’s easy-to-use healthcare collaboration platform was created for you, out-of-hospital providers. Updox offers a broad set of capabilities – electronic fax, secure texting, HIPAA-compliant video chat, and more – to help streamline repetitive tasks, eliminate multiple logins and more, so that you can focus on what matters mostAcquire new patients, engage with your current customers and collaborate with prescribers and the entire care team with solutions tailored for pharmacies. Updox grows with you as you move from creating workflow efficiencies, to engaging your patients with digital tools, to implementing clinical services.

Acquire New Patients

Once people understand the value you provide above and beyond filling prescriptions, they are hooked. So how do you get the word out to a new generation of consumers who grew up with the chains and big boxes? Use pharmacy marketing software to meet them where they are — online.

Engage Current Customers

Your personal touch is your superpower when it comes to motivating patients to adhere to their medications and take steps to improve their health. With software, you can take pharmacy patient engagement to a whole new level, whether through secure text or video, or online patient portal technology.

Collaborate with Prescribers

Your role as a pharmacist is expanding, and relationships with physicians and other healthcare providers are even more critical. So how do you use software to break down barriers, making communication and collaboration simple, seamless, and secure?