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The Leading IVR Solution for Pharmacies

SymRx is a complete software solution — robust, scalable and customizable to meet your specific pharmacy and patient care requirements. Customers and physicians are served with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Best of all, the burden of constant interruptions is removed from the pharmacy staff, leaving them free to work more efficiently and productively.

SymRx features include:

Standard Patient Services

  • Prescription refill requests by phone
  • Refill status check
  • Transfers patient and physician office calls to the pharmacy for personal assistance
  • After-hours customer voice message recording or transfer to your existing voicemail solution
  • Pharmacy hours and patient information messages

Optional Patient Services

  • Multiple languages
  • Outbound dialing (Refill compliance reminder, Refill ready and Refills pickup reminder)
  • Outbound email notification
  • Outbound doctor fax refill authorization notifications
  • Legacy refill queue
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Professional studio-recorded messages
Symago IVR
Symago IVR