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VoIP (SIP) IVR; Hosted IVR & Telephone Systems; Patient Messaging

Calm the Craziness in your Pharmacy Treat Yourself to a SmartCall IVR System! Give All your Patients and Doctors EXACTLY what they want! Best of all: You keep the Personal Touch! SmartCall is tightly integrated with your RX30 software

Here are just a few of our most used features:

Caller ID Bypass – If a Patient is concerned about the new SmartCall; no problem! Ask them for their name and phone number, enter the information into SmartCall and every time they call, they will ring through to a live person without hearing a single prompt!

Special Greetings – Custom greetings played right when the phone is answered can be easily recorded by the pharmacist and turned on. Example – “We are offering Flu Shots this Saturday from 2:00 PM ‘til 6:00 PM”.

Pick-up Times – Your Pharmacy definitely has busy times, so SmartCall won’t necessarily give the same Pick-up Time to everyone. SmartCall can automatically vary Pick-up Times given to patients by the number of new and refill orders already in the RX30 queue, day-of-week, time-of-day, script type, etc.

Menu Choices – Pharmacies like to have prompts in a specific order; maybe instead of the first option being “To refill a prescription, press 1”, you would like the first option to be, “to speak to someone in the Pharmacy, press 1”

You can take refill requests 24 x 7 (extending your business hours) Approx. 60% of Patient Refill orders will go right to your RX30 queue 80% of Doctor Calls are automated & you can view them on your PC Monitor SmartCall Software updates are free, including any New Required HIPAA Mandates