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OmniSYS is a healthcare IT company that helps pharmacies drive profitable growth through unique insights derived from its market share and the ability to build valuable workflow solutions. With over two decades of domain expertise, OmniSYS is the market leader in medical, immunization and DME claim billing, patient communication and adherence as well as consumer engagement workflow. We integrate with pharmacy management systems in more than 25,000 pharmacies and provide connectivity to more than 120 medical payers. OmniSYS’ core SaaS platforms are designed to help pharmacies engage patients, compete on value and distinguish their brands.

Fusion-Rx is an intuitive patient communication platform with two integrated core modules — Adherence Messaging and Interactive Response. Our advanced pharmacy technology is designed to improve medication adherence and customer loyalty, resulting in a positive impact on the pharmacy’s

Fusion-Rx provides a feature-rich pharmacy adherence platform that fully integrates advanced inbound IVR and adherence outbound communication as part of patient, pharmacy, and prescriber services. This next-generation technology delivers the convenience and connectivity patients expect for 24/7 pharmacy access via phone, web, and mobile devices.

Fusion-Rx provides multi-modality access for automated patient reminders and health messaging, as well as inbound patient prescription management. Our adherence rules engine manages targeted communication that drives medication adherence and improves Star Ratings.