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ATEB, Inc.

Ateb Pharmacy Line® IVR Ateb, an Omnicell company, offers a HIPAA / HITECH compliant Pharmacy Line® Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution that answers calls into the pharmacy any time of the day in a professional and consistent manner.  By increasing patient access to the pharmacy 24/7, pharmacies can automate refill requests and have the ability to play recorded greetings, special messages, and holiday hours. Additionally, Ateb’s patented inbound Detect-Rx® solution drives prescription volume. Pharmacy Line Benefits

  • Offers patient convenience; regardless if the pharmacy is open or closed
  • Frees up time in the pharmacy to focus on patients
  • Creates a quieter, less hectic work environment
  • Provides patented awareness messaging only offered by Ateb and enrollment in pharmacy programs such as medication synchronization; integration with Ateb’s Time My Meds®
  • Alleviates pharmacy workload
  • Supports HIPAA / HITECH compliance
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Ateb Pharmacy Line® IVR