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Advance Innovative Solutions (AIS) – IVR

Recognized Leader
Advance Innovative Solutions, Inc. (AIS) is a recognized leader in the retail pharmacy industry, providing powerful, pharmacist-designed systems to chain, independent, outpatient hospital, and health department pharmacies. AIS offers a wide range of solution options – including pre-packaged, customized, and custom developed – all targeted to the promotion of prescription processing automation, efficiency, and accuracy. AIS’s comprehensive suite of products includes: Dial-a-Script®, touch-tone prescription ordering; RxCall®, outbound notification system; RxCentral®, central fill and mail order system; Q-Script®, auto-refill system; RxSign®, electronic signature capture; CyberScript®, online prescription ordering; VeriScript®, dispensing error prevention system, and U-Script®, interactive pharmacy kiosk.

Focused for Success
From its founding in 1996, AIS has been meeting the needs of organizations, large and small, with its quality software solutions and dedicated customer support. As a result, AIS has earned the trust of pharmacies spanning the U.S. and Canada. We, at AIS, attribute this remarkable success to two important factors: 1.) Our focus on providing state of the art systems, designed specifically for the pharmacy industry, and 2.) The distinctive perspective, background, and experience of our dedicated staff, comprised of pharmacy professionals, software architects, developers, and support specialists. These attributes ensure that we have a complete mastery of our clients’ business processes and requirements. This specialization and experience drives our unique understanding of the subtleties of information systems that can impact pharmacist productivity and ease of use, enabling us to implement forward thinking solutions which have become the keys to our clients’ success.

ATEB, Inc.


Healthcare reimbursement is changing from a fee-for-service, to a pay-for-performance standard. With this change, pharmacy must position itself to maximize reimbursements by demonstrating the value pharmacy has on increasing patient adherence.

Ateb has developed a suite of Adherence Solutions that leverage the strong relationships between pharmacy and patient; while providing the pharmacy efficient and standard processes to administer Adherence Solutions. Important components of Ateb’s Adherence Solutions are accompanying measurements and analytics: Medication Possession Ratios (MPRs), Proportional Days Covered (PDCs), etc.

Ateb installed our first pharmacy solution in 1995 and has focused on helping pharmacy staff to better interact and serve patients. Ateb continues to offer our best known solutions: Pharmacy Line, the leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution for pharmacy; Outbound Notifications (calls, text, email); Mobile App; NDC Check; Bin Management; and SignatureLine.

Smart Solutions

VoIP (SIP) IVR; Hosted IVR & Telephone Systems; Patient Messaging

Calm the Craziness in your Pharmacy Treat Yourself to a SmartCall IVR System! Give All your Patients and Doctors EXACTLY what they want! Best of all: You keep the Personal Touch! SmartCall is tightly integrated with your RX30 software

Here are just a few of our most used features:

Caller ID Bypass – If a Patient is concerned about the new SmartCall; no problem! Ask them for their name and phone number, enter the information into SmartCall and every time they call, they will ring through to a live person without hearing a single prompt!

Special Greetings – Custom greetings played right when the phone in answered can be easily recorded by the pharmacist and turned on. Example – “We are offering Flu Shots this Saturday from 2:00 PM ‘til 6:00PM”.

Pick-up Times – Your Pharmacy definitely has busy times, so SmartCall won’t necessarily give the same Pick-up Time to everyone. SmartCall can automatically vary Pick-up Times given to patients by the number of new and refill orders already in the RX30 queue, day-of-week, time-of-day, script type, etc.

Menu Choices – Pharmacies like to have prompts in a specific order; maybe instead of the first option being “To refill a prescription, press 1”, you would like the first option to be, “to speak to someone in the Pharmacy, press 1”

You can take refill requests 24 x 7 (extending your business hours) Approx. 60% of Patient Refill orders will go right to your RX30 queue 80% of Doctor Calls are automated & you can view them on your PC Monitor SmartCall Software updates are free, including any New Required HIPAA Mandates


The Leading IVR Solution for Pharmacies

SymRx is a complete software solution — robust, scalable and customizable to meet your specific pharmacy and patient care requirements. Customers and physicians are served with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Best of all, the burden of constant interruptions is removed from the pharmacy staff, leaving them free to work more efficiently and productively.

SymRx features include:

Standard Patient Services

  • Prescription refill requests by phone
  • Refill status check
  • Transfers patient and physician office calls to the pharmacy for personal assistance
  • After-hours customer voice message recording or transfer to your existing voicemail solution
  • Pharmacy hours and patient information messages

Optional Patient Services

  • Multiple languages
  • Outbound dialing (Refill compliance reminder, Refill ready and Refills pickup reminder)
  • Outbound email notification
  • Outbound doctor fax refill authorization notifications
  • Legacy refill queue
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Professional studio-recorded messages

Digital Pharmacist

All-In-One Telecom and IVR Solution TelecomManager is the only product that provides a completely integrated telecommunications solution for pharmacies that includes phone & voice with an embedded automated phone system. With its industry-leading IVR (interactive voice response) technology, TelecomManager revolutionizes ease-of-use, data availability, security, and system performance in both the telecom and IVR spaces.

  • Fully integrated, fully managed, distributed solution for multiple stores
  • Inbound/outbound calling, “VIP” call routing, call data retention
  • Find-me / follow-me, remote extensions, computer soft-phones, and more
  • Voice mail delivered as email and Outlook® contact auto-dial
  • Hosted solution requires no hardware or onsite management

TeleManager Hosted IVR Cloud-Based Prescription Refills TeleManager Hosted IVR is a prescription refill system with unparalleled ease-of-use for pharmacy personnel, patients, and prescribers. TeleManager Hosted IVR requires no hardware or IT support, and a range of integration options allows you to choose the perfect solution for your pharmacy.

  • Inbound and outbound calling, “VIP” call routing, call data retention
  • Visual workflow screens for easy monitoring, voice management, and customization
  • Automated MD refill authorization, automated attendant
  • Receive prescriptions via e-mail, fax, or through integration with your pharmacy management system

Refill Telemanager In-Store IVR and Prescription Refills Refill TeleManager is the most versatile and easy-to-use in-store IVR system in the industry. Built for retail and institutional pharmacies, Refill TeleManager allows you to simplify pharmacy operations while providing patients and prescribers with unparalleled customer service.

  • Inbound and outbound calling, “VIP” call routing, call data retention
  • Visual workflow screens for easy monitoring, voice management, and customization
  • Automated MD refill authorization, automated attendant
  • Integrates with leading pharmacy management systems


OmniSYS is a healthcare IT company that helps pharmacies drive profitable growth through unique insights derived from its market share and the ability to build valuable workflow solutions. With over two decades of domain expertise, OmniSYS is the market leader in medical, immunization and DME claim billing, patient communication and adherence as well as consumer engagement workflow. We integrate with pharmacy management systems in more than 25,000 pharmacies and provide connectivity to more than 120 medical payers. OmniSYS’ core SaaS platforms are designed to help pharmacies engage patients, compete on value and distinguish their brands.

Fusion-Rx is an intuitive patient communication platform with two integrated core modules — Adherence Messaging and Interactive Response. Our advanced pharmacy technology is designed to improve medication adherence and customer loyalty, resulting in a positive impact on the pharmacy’s

Fusion-Rx provides a feature-rich pharmacy adherence platform that fully integrates advanced inbound IVR and adherence outbound communication as part of patient, pharmacy, and prescriber services. This next-generation technology delivers the convenience and connectivity patients expect for 24/7 pharmacy access via phone, web, and mobile devices.

Fusion-Rx provides multi-modality access for automated patient reminders and health messaging, as well as inbound patient prescription management. Our adherence rules engine manages targeted communication that drives medication adherence and improves Star Ratings.

VOW – TalkRx

Enhanced Features Include:

Rapid Refill IVR: The TalkRx phone system integrates with your pharmacy management system to allow your customers the ability to refill their prescriptions 24 hours a day.

Voicemail System: Not only do individual users get voicemail capability, but there is an integrated Voicemail Archive system for Patient and Doctor Voicemails that can be retrieved easily, even years later if necessary. Doctor voicemails show up directly into the pharmacy management system preventing missed messages and increasing pharmacy response time.

Call Recording: Record conversations on demand for documentation of phoned in prescriptions or any other conversation. These calls are archived and are easily retrieved from any computer in the pharmacy.

Fax Gateway: The TalkRx phone system can receive faxes automatically and convert them into emails, or can be viewed over the pharmacy network on remote terminals. This reduces the cost of printing every fax and wasting paper on SOF’s (spam over fax). By combining the fax line into the phone system, pharmacies can reduce telecommunication cost or increase system capacity. This provides the ultimate unified messaging system, one place for all correspondences. E-mail’s, voicemails and faxes all together!

Multi Location Connections: Connect multiple TalkRx systems together using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This allow you to transfer callers to remote locations or call between location just by dialing an extension (without tying up phone lines on either end). Your customers will appreciate not having to dial another number and they will be served quicker, by the correct person.

Flexible Schedules: Calls can be handled differently depending on what time of day it is. The greeting customers hear can change depending if you are open or closed, or other time conditions. For example, it can be configured to let your customers know two weeks prior to a holiday that you will be closed and it will revert back to your original greeting automatically. Play special greetings for holidays or upcoming events. These schedules can be implemented automatically or on demand as needed. No waiting for script changes or cd’s. Our menus are dynamic and flexible, allowing us to change them at a moments notice.

Advanced Caller Routing: Since we control both the phone and the IVR system, callers can be routed more efficiently and quicker than ever before. We can direct callers based off a number of variables. For example, if you have someone who you want to automatically bypass the IVR or provide priority support for certain callers depending on where they call from, or what number they dialed. No Matter the situation, no one can handle calls better than the TalkRx phone system.