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With more than 25 years’ experience, Inmar – formerly EXP – is recognized as the benchmark of excellence in the pharmaceutical returns industry because of our commitment to service, results, and accountability.

  • Our clients consistently attain 20-25% more credit.
  • We constantly update our database, ensuring we identify every return credit available.
  • Experienced sales and service personnel committed to delivering results.
  • Inmar’s Credit Assurance Program: Our fees are taken from credits – you receive no invoice from Inmar for service fees.
  • Our exclusive Business Review can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.


The average independent pharmacy has $180,000 of receivables at risk. Some of this will eventually come through as late payments. The rest may have to be written off as bad debt. In today’s industry, as margins are being squeezed, DIR fees and the number of audits grow; reconciling your claims and managing your third-party receivables are crucial. Using Inmar’s Rx Recon solution means our clients recover an additional $25,000 – 30,000 annually.

Best-In-Class Service and Data

  • Comprehensive reporting suite and ability to drill down to claim level detail
  • Option to use calendar month or seven day/Saturday accounting period close
  • 99%+ 835 file retrieval
  • Assist with finding missing data, help address slow payers, identify collectible funds, and chase down unpaid claims

Inmar is the largest pharmacy reconciliation provider in the U.S. and serves 25% of the market. We work with all PSAOs, switches, dispensing systems and wholesalers and can provide solutions for any combination of vendors that you have today.