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Inmar for Pharmacies

As North America’s leading provider of pharmacy solutions for more than 22,400 retail pharmacies, three major wholesalers and 75 pharmaceutical manufacturers, Inmar’s suite of pharmacy solutions arm chains and independents with the technology, operations infrastructure and industry expertise to manage for maximum profitability in the most challenging business or regulatory environment. Web-based patent-pending technology is at the heart of our pharmacy solutions, providing industry-first capabilities to actively manage contracts and receivables, product returns and recalls and vendor reconciliation payments – OTC through Controls. From returns and receivables management to promotion creation, tracking and analysis, we position companies to manage risk, grow revenue and enhance the consumer experience during the most challenging economic and regulatory environments.

Inmar’s pharmacy solutions include:


Net-Rx has specialized in pharmacy operations for more than 10 years. We have experienced and implemented the tremendous changes in pharmacy operations during this time, but have retained our old-fashioned values like honor, trust, commitment and dependability. With these values as our guide, we provide a level of service that distinguishes us from the rest.



Your Payers Audit You, Shouldn’t You Return the Favor?
Few pharmacies have either the time or resources to audit their claims to see if they are being correctly compensated by their third party insures. With RecRx every payment is verified electronically to ensure you are paid according to the agreed amount from adjudication. In real time, discrepancies are listed in an online web portal, so you know exactly what you are owed and from whom.

Price-It Rx

Cash Price Management
Price-It Rx utilizes a traditional third party switch network to deliver real-time cash pricing consistent with local competition. Prices on all drugs are determined through a comprehensive market review performed by one of our professional analysts, and a consultation with the pharmacy to establish their core business drivers. Price-It Rx creates uniform, competitive pricing resulting in higher consumer confidence and a reduction of in store labor, allowing the pharmacy to maximize profits, while also insuring the highest possible reimbursement on third party transactions.