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CareSuite QuickMAR


CareSuite by QuickMAR for Pharmacies

CareSuite by QuickMAR’s eMAR module is the recognized industry leader, hailed for its ease of use, accuracy, flexibility, and reliability.  Offering it to your assisted living and long-term care communities is a great way to solidify a lasting partnership between you and your clients.

  • Improve your service levels.
  • Gain new customers.
  • Retain your current clients.
  • Reduce your own costs.
  • Recognized nationally for ease of use, quick learning curve.
  • Connects with dozens of pharmacy management software systems.
  • Management dashboard provides instant information.
  • Refill requests sent at the touch of a button.Allows authorized prescribers to submit new prescriptions from within the module.
  • Simple system requirements: All that’s needed are Internet access and a laptop, tablet or desktop computer

600+ Pharmacy Partners

Over 600 Pharmacies across the United States, Canada, and the UK have signed-up to provide QuickMAR software to their customers. Look for the QuickMAR Partner Logo when choosing your pharmacy!

Our unrivaled network of pharmacy partners and other important industry and technology alliances has helped solidly establish QuickMAR as the leading eMAR solution in the market. Each partner is recognized in the QuickMAR Preferred Partner Program, based on volume, expertise, and successful implementations of QuickMAR.

As pharmacies expand their QuickMAR business, they advance through each level of the Preferred Partner Program from a QuickMAR Authorized Partner to their maximum potential, of Silver, Gold, Platinum or even a Diamond Partner.