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ExtendedCarePro (ECP) EMAR

ECP Makes Switching to eMAR Easy

ECP’s easy interface will have your eMAR up and running fast.  Because ECP was designed to take the fear out of switching from paper to electronic records, new med passers can be trained to use the system in less than an hour.  ECP’s alerts and reminders will make medication errors, missed follow-ups and med holes a thing of the past.  ECP integrates with most major pharmacy software thereby allowing your LTC pharmacy to automatically sync new orders with ECP.

After pharmacy med verification, your medication task list will automatically be generated for passing scheduled and PRN medications with real-time analysis (vitals, questions, follow-ups, etc).  This documentation, in turn, will populate your MAR (medication administration record) to avoid redundant entry. Because ECP is web-based, directors, nurses, and consultants can securely access any facility or resident’s MAR from any computer connected to the Internet.  Finally, ECP allows automatic reorders with just one click, eliminating the need for faxes and phone calls.

  • Most advanced eMAR in long-term care.
  • Real-time software interfaces with most major pharmacy software programs.
  • Advanced logics to classify new orders, refills, dispenses, changes, and discontinued medications.
  • Simple verification process ensures accuracy.
  • Nearly a decade of LTC implementation nationwide.
ExtendedCarePro (ECP) EMAR
ExtendedCarePro (ECP) EMAR