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Chart Meds

Chart Meds was developed by a real-world pharmacist who understood the needs and challenges of institutional providers as well as the pharmacies serving those providers.   Because of the robust set of reports that Chart Meds provides, mandatory reporting time is dramatically reduced.  Best of all Chart Meds is affordable.  Chart Meds only charges for the active patient on a per month basis.  Chart Meds does not charge a startup fee and utilizes a computer, barcode reader, and Internet.

Chart Meds is an internet and mobile-based charting system that enables long-term care and other institutional facilities to administer medications directly from any computer.  Chart Meds works with any browser and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as a desktop version.

With our new Care Visualizer point-of-care system, we are a complete documenting tool for many communities.

·        Easy for staff to use

·        Training of staff is easy

·        Eliminates medication administration errors

·        Provides administrators with valuable administrative tools

·        Ensures staff compliance

·        Increases patient care

·        No setup or any other hidden fees

Chart Meds