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Your business is successful because you are unique. So why would you run your business the same as your competitors? Most healthcare software vendors try to fit your business to their solution. Not BlueStep. Our flexible Web-based solutions are customized to fit your business.

Over 400 communities across the nation depend on BlueStep to improve the quality of their unique healthcare services. BlueStep integrates resident management, facility operations, customer service, medication administration, human resources, and many other core functions.

The power of an all-inclusive system, with the ease of end-user customization. Finally, a complete solution that allows you to run your business your way.


Still offering an eMAR, or worse, a paper MAR? eMARs are the new med carts: a dime a dozen and no longer a differentiating value. BlueStep is the solution that will forever set you apart from other pharmacies.

Beyond an eMAR, BlueStep allows pharmacies to leverage a comprehensive technology package to offer a very unique and attractive value for your clients. Additionally, we empower you to maintain a direct line of communication between pharmacists, techs, nurses, administrators, physicians, labs and even family members. Integration with pharmacy software is also available to ensure an efficient flow of medication information to all appropriate parties.

Contact us to learn how to become a value-added reseller to offer BlueStep to the facilities you serve.