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American Data

American Data is a company with a mission to make a difference in the lives of people who live and work in the healthcare industry. American Data continues to grow by producing a quality product and providing quality support. Just like a nursing home, with very little capital investment, American Data started the journey over 31 years ago that has led to constant controlled growth. This growth has resulted in a debt-free status throughout our existence.


American Data’s e-MAR and e-TAR capabilities have been released for over nine years and are tried, tested, and true. The Best Practice magazine published an article in 2005 quoting an ECS client as saving 20 minutes on every medication pass with the use of the system. For states that require nurses to identify themselves with more than a password to administer medications, ECS allows for the use of fingerprint identification and magnetic card swiping to load the medication passes and to sign out medications.

American Data
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