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Accu-flo is a server-based medication administration system designed for use in institutional pharmacies, assisted living, long-term care, and rehab facilities.  The software automates the process of distributing, tracking, and re-ordering medications and treatments safely and efficiently for residential care facilities and pharmacies.

If your facility seeks full automation of its medication pass system, the software’s eMAR, eControl, eLog, and ePrescribe modules provide complete functionality.  Accu-flo will allow your staff to focus safely on quality of resident care by reducing error through automated record-keeping, low inventory alerts, and programmable dosage information.

  • eMAR – Ensures intended residents receive correct medications and dosages in a timely fashion.
  • eControl – Safeguards controlled medication from theft as logged by shift and nurse.
  • eLog – Maintains accurate inventory of all drugs received for storage in a medication cart, as well as those returned after being discontinued.
  • ePrescribe – Provides exceptional convenience with direct re-ordering capability with institutional pharmacies.

Why should my facility use Accu-flo?
Accu-flo can produce a 50% to 75% reduction in staff labor hours associated with month-end record keeping and charting procedures.  Most importantly, while staff members concentrate on resident care and safety, Accu-flo eliminates paper-based record keeping and enhances the security of medication inventories and staff identification procedures.

American Data

American Data is a company with a mission to make a difference in the lives of people who live and work in the healthcare industry. American Data continues to grow by producing a quality product and providing quality support. Just like a nursing home, with very little capital investment, American Data started the journey over 31 years ago that has led to constant controlled growth. This growth has resulted in a debt-free status throughout our existence.


American Data’s e-MAR and e-TAR capabilities have been released for over nine years and are tried, tested, and true. The Best Practice magazine published an article in 2005 quoting an ECS client as saving 20 minutes on every medication pass with the use of the system. For states that require nurses to identify themselves with more than a password to administer medications, ECS allows for the use of fingerprint identification and magnetic card swiping to load the medication passes and to sign out medications.


Your business is successful because you are unique. So why would you run your business the same as your competitors? Most healthcare software vendors try to fit your business to their solution. Not BlueStep. Our flexible Web-based solutions are customized to fit your business.

Over 400 communities across the nation depend on BlueStep to improve the quality of their unique healthcare services. BlueStep integrates resident management, facility operations, customer service, medication administration, human resources, and many other core functions.

The power of an all-inclusive system, with the ease of end-user customization. Finally, a complete solution that allows you to run your business your way.


Still offering an eMAR, or worse, a paper MAR? eMARs are the new med carts: a dime a dozen and no longer a differentiating value. BlueStep is the solution that will forever set you apart from other pharmacies.

Beyond an eMAR, BlueStep allows pharmacies to leverage a comprehensive technology package to offer a very unique and attractive value for your clients. Additionally, we empower you to maintain a direct line of communication between pharmacists, techs, nurses, administrators, physicians, labs and even family members. Integration with pharmacy software is also available to ensure an efficient flow of medication information to all appropriate parties.

Contact us to learn how to become a value added reseller to offer BlueStep to the facilities you serve.


The eMAR made for Corrections The eMAR is an electronic medication administration record system designed specifically for correctional healthcare. With the eMAR you can ensure the correct medication and dose were given to the correct inmate at the correct time. The eMAR system manages inmate information, medication and treatment administration, medication inventories and also offers system reporting. Affordable monthly subscription rates allow the eMAR to fit comfortably into any budget and the system can be easily upgraded to the full CorrecTek EMR system at any time. Instant benefits for your facility

  • Store demographic information including the ID photo, correctional information, and offender management information.
  • Track patient medications and prescriptions within the system, directs the med pass process and documents the medication administration.
  • Reduces liability through the elimination of paper documentation.
  • Reduces staff data entry time.
  • Promotes faster med pass.


ExactMed Solutions is rapidly becoming the leading developer of state-of-the-art software that ensures the highest quality of care for people residing in long-term care, assisted living, and home care settings.

Extensive Expertise in Long Term Care
Vast knowledge of medication management, safety, and compliance requirements gained through decades of providing long term care pharmacy services to healthcare centers as well as over six years of planning, research and development lead to the first installation of an ExactMed eMAR system in June 2005. This well established installation, and many others that followed, positions ExactMed Solutions as a pioneer and leader in the development and implementation of medication management software for long term care.

Today, the valuable combination of long term care pharmacy expertise and knowledge gained from our growing base of satisfied customers has enabled ExactMed Solutions to develop its newest product, iMAR—the Next Generation of eMAR, an innovative, intelligent, intuitive, point of care based medication management software application. iMAR incorporates a touch screen user interface and bar code based technology to effectively guide critical med pass functions, prevent medication errors, and update medication administration records in real time mode thereby helping achieve high quality of care standards and fulfilling stringent compliance needs of long term care providers.

ExtendedCarePro (ECP) EMAR

ECP Makes Switching to eMAR Easy

ECP’s easy interface will have your eMAR up and running fast.  Because ECP was designed to take the fear out of switching from paper to electronic records, new med passers can be trained to use the system in less than an hour.  ECP’s alerts and reminders will make medication errors, missed follow ups and med holes a thing of the past.  ECP integrates with most major pharmacy software thereby allowing your LTC pharmacy to automatically sync new orders with ECP.

After pharmacy med verification, your medication task list will automatically be generated for passing scheduled and PRN medications with real-time analysis (vitals, questions, follow-ups, etc).  This documentation in turn will populate your MAR (medication administration record) to avoid redundant entry. Because ECP is web-based, directors, nurses and consultants can securely access any facility or resident’s MAR from any computer connected to the Internet.  Finally, ECP allows automatic reorders with just one click, eliminating the need for faxes and phone calls.

  • Most advanced eMAR in long term care.
  • Real-time software interfaces with most major pharmacy software programs.
  • Advanced logics to classify new orders, refills, dispenses, changes, and discontinued medications.
  • Simple verification process ensures accuracy.
  • Nearly a decade of LTC implementation nationwide.

MedRight eMAR Solution

MedRight is a dynamic, user friendly, fully supported, cost effective eMAR optimal for use in pharmacies, long term care facilities, and assisted living facilities. An extensive, powerful and flexible reporting system provides facilities with up to date resident data without digging through stacks of paper charts and provides state audit information at the touch of a button. MedRight’s use of real-time information allows for electronic tracking of medications administered, minimizes mistakes involving drugs and treatments, and provides many built-in controls, warnings, and reminders for caregivers. Customer support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your call will be answered by our knowledgeable, in house customer support team.

PrescribersConnection ®

PrescribersConnection is a developer and marketer of electronic prescription (ePrescription) software solutions that automate the prescription fulfillment processes for healthcare organizations and retail pharmacies.

The PrescribersConnection product seamlessly integrates into leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions to ensure rapid, reliable deployment and compliance with federal mandates for ePrescription integration.

PrescribersConnection LTC Network

The LTC Network is a linked network of Long Term and Post-Acute Care facilities, prescribers, and pharmacies delivering fast and reliable electronic transport of census information, new orders, fill confirmations, resupply requests, and discontinued medications.

It is ONE connection providing facilities with access to ALL pharmacies and prescribers within the PrescribersConnection Network.

It is a Network that uses the NCPDP Script 10.6 XML message formats and standardized workflows for all facilities, prescribers and pharmacies.  It is ONE certification process to enable sending to all Pharmacies on the LTC Network.


CareSuite by QuickMAR for Pharmacies

CareSuite by QuickMAR’s eMAR module is the recognized industry leader, hailed for its ease of use, accuracy, flexibility and reliability.  Offering it to your assisted living and long-term care communities is a great way to solidify a lasting partnership between you and your clients.

  • Improve your service levels.
  • Gain new customers.
  • Retain your current clients.
  • Reduce your own costs.
  • Recognized nationally for ease of use, quick learning curve.
  • Connects with dozens of pharmacy management software systems.
  • Management dashboard provides instant information.
  • Refill requests sent at the touch of a button.Allows authorized prescribers to submit new prescriptions from within the module.
  • Simple system requirements: All that’s needed are Internet access and a laptop, tablet or desktop computer

600+ Pharmacy Partners

Over 600 Pharmacies across the United States, Canada and the UK have signed-up to provide QuickMAR software to their customers. Look for the QuickMAR Partner Logo when choosing your pharmacy!

Our unrivaled network of pharmacy partners and other important industry and technology alliances has helped solidly establish QuickMAR as the leading eMAR solution in the market. Each partner is recognized in the QuickMAR Preferred Partner Program, based on volume, expertise, and successful implementations of QuickMAR.

As pharmacies expand their QuickMAR business, they advance through each level of the Preferred Partner Program from a QuickMAR Authorized Partner to their maximum potential, of Silver, Gold, Platinum or even a Diamond Partner.


EMAR for Assisted Living AL Cloud Care can help your facility improve your resident medication management process significantly in the following ways: Enhance Employee Efficiency by streamlining the medication delivery and monitoring process. Generate management reports that will help find the holes in your process and ensure compliance with medication regimen. Shift reports and Missed Medication reports will really help you zero in on improving care and performance. Reduce Medication Errors by using bar coding and resident photos for accurate identification. Enhance resident safety with timely access to reminders, alerts and information such as allergies etc. Improve your employee communications between shifts so follow ups and action items don’t fall through the cracks. Breeze through state inspections by being able to pull up and provide resident records and data on demand.

Chart Meds

Chart Meds was developed by a real world pharmacist who understood the needs and challenges of institutional providers as well as the pharmacies serving those providers.   Because of the robust set of reports that Chart Meds provides, mandatory reporting time is dramatically reduced.  Best of all Chart Meds is affordable.  Chart Meds only charges for the active patient on a per month basis.  Chart Meds does not charge a startup fee and utilizes a computer, bar code reader and Internet.

Chart Meds is an internet and mobile based charting system that enables long term care and other institutional facilities to administer medications directly from any computer.  Chart Meds works with any browser and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as a desktop version.

With our new Care Visualizer point-of-care system, we are a complete documenting tool for many communities.

·        Easy for staff to use

·        Training of staff is easy

·        Eliminates medication administration errors

·        Provides administrators with valuable administrative tools

·        Ensures staff compliance

·        Increases patient care

·        No setup or any other hidden fees