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The original Medication Regimen Review (MRR) software for consultant pharmacists.

With RxPertise™, consultant pharmacists can manage medication regimen reviews (MRRs) accurately, efficiently, and in compliance with State Operations Manual (SOM) requirements. Through ongoing feedback from existing and prospective users, MHA continues to provide updates that maintain RxPertise as the leading MRR software in the industry.

Clinical advantages

Screen for med-med interactions and view the full prescribing monograph of medications; this works either with imported pharmacy data or by performing “on demand” checks.

Determine coverage and locate covered therapeutic alternatives quickly with the Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Formulary Checker.

Ensure SOM compliance with pre-phrased medication recommendations, which can be customized for one pharmacist or your entire organization.

Stay current with medications through monthly data updates, conveniently available through our website.