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Pleio – GoodStart

The mission of Pleio Inc. is to design, assemble, implement and assess cost-effective health support systems that can deliver value to patients, their families, and those who support and need them.

Pleio is a leader in patient engagement and medication adherence. We instill lasting behavior change in patients through multi-channel engagement involving artfully scripted, non-clinical conversations with GoodStart Mentors™, digital outreach, and seamless integration with retail pharmacy. Pleio’s proprietary adherence lifecycle management platform controls the timing and nature of all patient touch points in the GoodStart® program, which delivers revenue, improves quality, and reduces medical costs.

For more information, please go to www.pleio.com/pharmacy.

What about GoodStart?

GoodStart is different.

GoodStart delivers a tailored support program to get patients on to a good routine

GoodStart helps patients establish personal knowledge & support goals

GoodStart can engage new patients before and beyond their first fill through the GoodStart support network

GoodStart initiates 100 days of support with positive impact measured to 18 months

Pleio – GoodStart