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Business Intelligence Solution

Mevesi BI is unified data warehouse designed for pharmacies.  The BI Solution offers a wide range of data sources from the Pharmacy Prescription, Point of Sale data, and Accounting data. This solution specializes in increased revenue production, improved productivity, and an enhanced customer experience.  Therefore, the Business Intelligence Solution unleashes pharmacy data into POWER & PROFIT making it a complete data warehouse where pharmacies make intelligent data-driven decisions.


  • Comprehensive solution encompassing dynamic multidimensional reporting, analytics, dashboards, charts and visualizations of pharmacy.
  • Unlimited insights into the business, stores, products or market performance by the numbers.
  • Integrated data sources from Prescription, Point of Sale, Physician, and Census to instantly analyze any aspect of your business in real-time, with just one system.
  • Simplifies the process of understanding and interpreting accounting data for today’s pharmacy owners.