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Meds On Cue

Meds On Cue

Available in both English and Spanish, MedsOnCue videos are specifically created to be medication-specific, patient-friendly, concise and easy-to-understand. They provide comprehensive information on proper medication usage, dosing, expected benefits, potential side effects, avoidable reactions, and any specialized medication administration techniques required. MedsOnCue integrates and has been pre-wired in the RX30 system and can be activated within days for your patients to start watching videos about their medications by scanning a QR code printed on prescription labels using smartphones.

  • QR Code printed on prescription labels
  • All videos in English and Spanish
  • Medication images and FDA MedGuides
  • Patient education information
  • Videos streamed and optimized for mobile devices
Meds On Cue

The majority of patients will discard patient information leaflets after leaving the pharmacy, leaving them wondering where to turn when they have questions regarding their prescription medication. MedsOnCue addresses this problem by providing on-demand prescription medication counseling videos, with customizable features and tools. They educate and engage the patient to improve the medication use process and pharmacy brand loyalty.

  • Pharmacy-specific branding and customization
  • Share videos or FDA MedGuides via email
  • Single click access to pharmacy phone number
  • Medication reminder tool