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Faster, Smarter, More Affordable Medication Synchronization and Patient Engagement

eNGAGE – Designed and managed by our FDS pharmacy and emerging technologies team as a solution, not a toolset. We understand how community pharmacy works … eNGAGE is an efficient, coordinated service to meet the growing demands of 5-star adherence and P4P measures while strengthening your patient relationships.

Patient Messaging

Extend the in-store relationship with patients by sending simple but meaningful messages expressing appreciation for their patronage, notifying them of important pharmacy services and events and even wish them a Happy Birthday. Messaging is automated, personalized and available by phone and text.

Identify Target Patients

Patients are scored by adherence opportunities available including 5-star measures, medication synchronization, and MTMs.

Star Ratings

  • Filter by 5-star measures or third-party plan
  • Identify patients not meeting 5-star goals and easily review their medication history
  • Suppress intervention-based measures to correctly calculate your scores
  • View other adherence scores beyond those covered by 5-star plans

Medication Synchronization

  • Identify patients who may benefit from a med sync program
  • Review which prescriptions need to be included in the synchronization
  • Choose the suggested anchor prescription and/or date to base the med sync program around
  • Quickly update ‘quantity on hand’ for initial setup and ongoing maintenance of med sync programs

and Much, Much More…

eNGAGE includes a flexible note section to track immunizations, allergies, and clinical data. In addition, there is MTM tracking, pharmacy, and patient event scheduling, patient visits metrics, and more features are being added as our users find additional ways to eNGAGE with their patients!