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Meds On Cue

Available in both English and Spanish, MedsOnCue videos are specifically created to be medication-specific, patient-friendly, concise and easy-to-understand. They provide comprehensive information on proper medication usage, dosing, expected benefits, potential side effects, avoidable reactions, and any specialized medication administration techniques required. MedsOnCue integrates and has been pre-wired in the RX30 system and can be activated within days for your patients to start watching videos about their medications by scanning a QR code printed on prescription labels using smartphones.

  • QR Code printed on prescription labels
  • All videos in English and Spanish
  • Medication images and FDA MedGuides
  • Patient education information
  • Videos streamed and optimized for mobile devices
The majority of patients will discard patient information leaflets after leaving the pharmacy, leaving them wondering where to turn when they have questions regarding their prescription medication. MedsOnCue addresses this problem by providing on-demand prescription medication counseling videos, with customizable features and tools. They educate and engage the patient to improve the medication use process and pharmacy brand loyalty.

  • Pharmacy-specific branding and customization
  • Share videos or FDA MedGuides via email
  • Single click access to pharmacy phone number
  • Medication reminder tool

MedHere Today

MedHere Today  is a pharmacy performance consulting group designed to help community pharmacies implement, grow, and leverage their adherence & performance initiative.  MedHere Today uses a combination of education, reporting, and strategic patient targeting to assist pharmacies in achieving measurable population health improvements, as well as maximizing the clinical and financial benefits associated with those improvements.  The MedHere Today initiative was created and is currently led by community practice pharmacists, with a goal of improving community pharmacy’s position in today’s health care marketplace.

MedHere Today began in 2007 in the when 2 community pharmacists recognized the positive impact a strong focus on medication adherence could have on patient outcomes, pharmacy workflow, pharmacy profitability.   Since then, MedHere Today has evolved from a single pharmacy’s Medication Adherence Program to a nationally recognized consulting group driving measurable pharmacy quality and performance across the United States.


Business Intelligence Solution

Mevesi BI is unified data warehouse designed for pharmacies.  The BI Solution offers a wide range of data sources from the Pharmacy Prescription, Point of Sale data, and Accounting data. This solution specializes in increased revenue production, improved productivity, and an enhanced customer experience.  Therefore, the Business Intelligence Solution unleashes pharmacy data into POWER & PROFIT making it a complete data warehouse where pharmacies make intelligent data driven decisions.


  • Comprehensive solution encompassing dynamic multidimensional reporting, analytics, dashboards, charts and visualizations of pharmacy.
  • Unlimited insights into the business, stores, products or market performance by the numbers.
  • Integrated data sources from Prescription, Point of Sale, Physician and Census to instantly analyze any aspect of your business in real-time, with just one system.
  • Simplifies the process of understanding and interpreting accounting data for today’s pharmacy owners.

Pleio – GoodStart

The mission of Pleio Inc. is to design, assemble, implement and assess cost-effective health support systems that can deliver value to patients, their families, and those who support and need them.

Pleio was developed by a group of 7 partners from Boston and Montreal in 2005. Everyone saw a pressing need to help their friends or their families follow medication regimens with more support, encouragement and feedback. The partners all shared the desire and ability to create a world-class company that would bring innovative solutions to life in the area of medication adherence.

Dozens of colleagues in marketing, telephony, informatics and healthcare as well as family and friends, helped formulate the Pleio approach: a blend of personal and virtual contact that touches the patient’s emotions and intellect to enhance their comfort with important new medication regimens. The wisdom of many diverse experts, years of healthcare education experience, and months of applied research and development brought Pleio GoodStart® to life in April 2007.

What about GoodStart?

GoodStart is different.

GoodStart delivers a tailored support program to get patients on to a good routine

GoodStart helps patients establish personal knowledge & support goals

GoodStart can engage new patients before and beyond their first fill through the GoodStart support network

GoodStart initiates 100 days of support with positive impact measured to 18 months


Do you want to grow your Pharmacy Business?

By utilizing your current database and integrating our proven solutions, we effectively streamline patient communications, installing systems proven to double your business, improve patient health outcomes and increase patient loyalty without altering your day-to-day routine.

Our Pharmacy Growth program provides the foundation to improve the efficiencies and profitability of your current customer base while allowing you to grow your business and take on a more proactive role with your customers. This program allows for greater patient engagement and is proven to result in higher levels of medication adherence, more refills and increased patient loyalty. With the successful alignment of patient behaviors comes a positive impact to your bottom line. All without creating extra work for the pharmacist. We do the work for you so you can concentrate on your patients and your business.

Your patients will receive timely, relevant communications to drive loyalty and adherence. Together we’ll help you strengthen customer relationships and patient loyalty through education and motivation.


Pharmacy Data Analysis and CMS Star Ratings

myDataMart® is the comprehensive business intelligence tool that provides a deeper look
into your pharmacy operations through data analysis.

Star Ratings

You control your own star ratings reporting. Measure your total star ratings performance or see a per-patient star rating per measure. Meaningful information in a usable format that you control.

New/Lost Patients

Quickly identify these patients and display them on interactive geographical maps for quick review.

Dispensing Trends

myDataMart provides many dashboards for measuring performance and identifying opportunities. Track prescription volume, generic fill rates and maintenance medication usage.

Today’s pharmacy systems satisfy basic reporting needs with limited capabilities. myDataMart empowers you to thrive in today’s competitive market by unlocking your largest untapped resource: Your data. Let myDataMart help you build an Action Plan for Success!

Faster, Smarter, More Affordable Medication Synchronization and Patient Engagement

eNGAGE – Designed and managed by our FDS pharmacy and emerging technologies team as a solution, not a tool set. We understand how community pharmacy works … eNGAGE is an efficient, coordinated service to meet the growing demands of 5 star adherence and P4P measures while strengthening your patient relationships.

Patient Messaging

Extend the in-store relationship with patients by sending simple but meaningful messages expressing appreciation for their patronage, notifying them of important pharmacy services and events and even wish them a Happy Birthday. Messaging is automated, personalized and available by phone and text.

Identify Target Patients

Patients are scored by adherence opportunities available including 5 star measures, medication synchronization and MTMs.

Star Ratings

  • Filter by 5 star measures or third party plan
  • Identify patients not meeting 5 star goals and easily review their medication history
  • Suppress intervention-based measures to correctly calculate your scores
  • View other adherence scores beyond those covered by 5 star plans

Medication Synchronization

  • Identify patients who may benefit from a med sync program
  • Review which prescriptions need to be included in the synchronization
  • Choose the suggested anchor prescription and/or date to base the med sync program around
  • Quickly update ‘quantity on hand’ for initial setup and ongoing maintenance of med sync programs

and Much, Much More…

eNGAGE includes a flexible note section to track immunizations, allergies, and clinical data. In addition, there is MTM tracking, pharmacy and patient event scheduling, patient visits metrics and more features are being added as our users find additional ways to eNGAGE with their patients!