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High Value Patient Indicator

Wouldn’t it be nice to know, without having to go run reports, who your most loyal customers are that frequent your pharmacy?

High Value Patient Indicator -image

With Rx30, you can do just that!

Rx30 has developed a High Value Patient Indicator that tags your most loyal customers, visible directly on the Fill screen while you are dispensing! Maybe you simply want to use it to say, ‘Hi Mr. Jones, how are you today?’, or maybe you want to offer special discounts because of their committed patronage to your pharmacy….it’s up to you!

Rx30’s High Value Patient Indicator uses Bronze, Silver and Gold indicators, along with Plus and minus signs to indicate that patient’s ranking and trending within your patient database in your pharmacy. You can easily see that this patient is a fairly high ranking customer and also one that is increasing his business in relation to the rest of your customers.

Valuable information – directly at your fingertips at the point of dispensing!